• Spring 2018

    Dear Readers


    If you're a little weary after the long winter, in this edition we have some rejuvenating holistic ideas to lift your spirits. It's the time of year for renewal and always an ideal opportunity to look at one's life in the round.

    From new technology using low level light therapy (currently favoured by Olympic athletes) to improving one's posture and remedies for sore necks, we have consulted with professionals for the best advice. To feed the soul, we are pleased to include a preview of fodder at Great Guns Social who use fresh, foraged food to bring diners closer to nature.

    For life at home we met up with Jess Olsson-Zabel a local urban interior designer who uses up-cycled vintage items in her steampunk interiors. For people in businesses pressed for time, we also have suggestions for getting the most out of the marketing tools we all carry in our pockets.

    I hope these ideas help put a spring in your step!


    Angela Webb

    Angela Webb, Editor of The River