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Sloane Square style SUMMER SHOPPING LAMBETH SOUTHWARK RIVER THE FOOD DRINK STYLE CULTURE FOR THE SOUL PROPERTY From the Camberwell Arts Festival to sunny BBQs FEAST Top class comedy at the Old Vic and National Theatre HIGH SOCIETY The impertinence of spontaneous art POP UPS EDITORS WORDS Dear Readers This season we are embracing the sunshine and taking our world outside looking a little west and a little south. We have been indulging in some retail therapy in Sloane Square and have profiled our neighbours Battersea and Chelsea. We also have some exceptional art and crafts to see here in Lambeth and Southwark including the Camberwell Arts Festival celebrating 21 years this July and a selection of pop-up galleries and events. For a comprehensive round-up of our favourite summer culinary past-time do read our feature about grills and BBQs as well as the new addition to the Tower Bridge restaurant scene. There is also a very tempting offer for 17.50 worth of points when you join the Tentazioni Privilege Club just use the magic word RIVER when signing up. We must tip our hats to Kevin Spacey and his last production at the Old Vic. High Society will have you swinging to the tunes of Cole Porter and leaving you with a taste for the high life a great way to round off any day This summer is bound to be a beautiful one I hope you enjoy it too. Yours A Webb WHEN YOU HAVE FINISHED WITH THIS MAGAZINE PLEASE RECYCLE IT CONTACT US Editor A Webb Sub Editor Owen Rice Contributors Joe Campbell Jessica Cusack Owen Rice George Swinton Designers Alison Cutler Milana Veselinovic Publisher Chris Richmond Assistant Publisher Joe Campbell Commercial Sales Lee Hayes FREEPHONE 0800 021 1484 THE RIVER The RIVER Magazine is published by River Publishing House Limited. Company number 8307961. We reserve the right to publish and edit any letters and emails. The material in The RIVER Magazine is subject to copyright. All rights reserved. The paper in this magazine originates from timber that is sourced from sustainable forests responsibly managed to strict environmental social and economic standards. The manufacturing mills have both FSC PEFC certification and also ISO9001 and ISO14001 accreditation. LAMBETH SOUTHWARK Follow us on twitter rivermagazine and Like us on facebook www.facebook.comTheRiverMagazine All of our content is now online at Angela Webb Editor 04 THE RIVER SUMMER 2015 EDITORS WORDS DELICATESSEN RESTAURANT CAFF WINE GIFTS SHEEN PUTNEY SEVENOAKS NOTTING HILL WEYBRIDGE REIGATE CHISWICK TOWER BRIDGE Inspired by three generations of culinary tradition and Italian pride Valentina caters to the Italian and the Italian at heart From a morning espresso and pastry a quick lunch or a relaxed evening meal our restaurants serve authentic Italian food throughout the day. Our delicatessens are stocked full with hard-to-nd Italian meats and cheeses antipasti home-made sauces and pasta dishes to take away. Be sure to try our award-winning own label range of pastas sauces antipasti jams honey and olive oils. We also stock more than 200 Italian wines which have been hand selected by our sommelier alongside a wide range of fantastic Italian gifts and treats. 31 SHAD THAMES LONDON SE1 2YR 020 7036 6028 S H A D T H A M E S TOWERBRIDGE HORSELYDOWNLANE LAFONESTREET CURLEWSTREET ROAD Visit any Valentina store to pick up a Loyalty Card. Activate the card online to get exclusive offers and to start earning points. FOOD DRINK 08 Via Italia 11 Summer of Sizzle 15 Privilege Reader Offer STYLE 16 To Be a Sloaney Pony CULTURE 19 Pop Stars 22 Cover Story High Society 24 Feast... In Camberwell 26 Entertainments Listings FOR THE SOUL 31 Sport in the City BUSINESS 33 Business Know How PROPERTY 35 Born of Battersea 39 Spotlight Property 40 Modern Classic 06 THE RIVER SUMMER 2015 CONTENTS 22 26 33 35 08 08 THE RIVER SUMMER 2015 FOOD DRINK italia VIA Shad Thames newest arrival is Valentina by Owen Rice 08 THE RIVER SUMMER 2015 FOOD DRINK italia VIA Shad Thames newest arrival is Valentina by Owen Rice verlooking the river at Tower Bridge is Shad Thames a secluded set of streets converted warehouses riverside bars and restaurants. Tucked in amongst the French and British establishments are new arrivals often modestly referring to themselves simply as The Italians this distinctly family-run affair is called Valentina. On their launch day in May Shad Thames locals and visitors were treated to opera singing in the street balloons jugglers and samples from an exquisite collection of foods. Inside complimentary Prosecco was generously distributed and an enormous mortadella a delicious Italian sausage made with pistachios a basket of breads and focaccias as well as a huge wheel of Parmesan cheese were carved up to taste. This was a real celebration of a family business introducing itself to a new community and it was a great pleasure to be a part of it. The all-Italian staff were passionate about their homeland their produce classic foods and with typical Italian confidence THE RIVER SUMMER 2015 FOOD DRINK 09 Generations together launching Shad Thames The Deli Counter enthusiastically shared it with everyone passing through. There was even space inside for a small vintage delivery van a motorcycle and other deli-related equipment putting their origins on show in a distinctly modern setting. What was most authentic was the table of a dozen or so family members behind this Valentina venture. Several generations of all ages sitting together having lunch really did set the ambience of a true Italian feast. This family have been in the food business for a long time originating from SantElia Fiumerapido a small village near Monte Cassino This is a very big moment for Valentina an authentic Italian delicatessen restaurant caff and enoteca wine shop. As soon as you step inside you realise how well they do it. The deli houses over 200 Italian wines and 1500 products including fresh hamssalami cheeses and traditional antipasti as well as Valentinas own branded pasta olives and oils. All of these are imported from Italy by Valentinas sister company Guidetti Fine Food and Wine. One of the founders of Valentina southeast of Rome who made their home in south east London. It has taken just three generations to build up a food import and now restaurant business and make their prime flagship site right at the heart of London. The Valentina chain began with their first delicatessen at East Sheen in 1991 near Richmond which steadily grew in reputation and in number to include additions at Putney Sevenoaks Notting Hill Weybridge Reigate and Chiswick. Valentinas proposition is simple 10 THE RIVER SUMMER 2015 FOOD DRINK Bruno Zoccola said This is a very big moment for Valentina. All of our other sites have been where the local Italians eat and shop. We are hoping that at Tower Bridge guests will feel as though they are experiencing Italy when they walk in. This is not a regular rustic Italian shop it is a splendid elegant and tasteful upper-end experience. It is all the more delightful as the prices in the delicatessen and restaurant are a luxury one can afford every day. Located in the Cardamom building this 6200 sq. ft. site boasts a 1 million refurbishment and can cater for 100 covers. The Tower Bridge location will also be the home of the Valentina online business. VALENTINA FINE FOODS 31 Shad Thames London SE1 2YR t 020 7036 6028 w Valentina-style Ravioli The restaurant space of Valentina Vongole the classic Clams and Pasta dish SUMMEROF sizzle Your guide to grills by Joe Campbell THE RIVER SUMMER 2015 FOOD DRINK 11 hen the sun comes out we like to take our worlds outside from lunching on the grass in the local park or drinking out by the river in the evening. If you have ever tried cooking a barbecue when the rain starts you will know why it really is a summer sport - and barbecuing indoors is even less fun But when the sun is out and the sky is clear it really is a great time to stoke up those coals fire-up that barbie and get cooking. Grilled meats over smoking wood have a flavour that just cannot be achieved in the modern spatially-challenged kitchen. But there are some places you can go that will happily and expertly do it for you. Whatever your preference barbecued meats kebabs or burgers cooked outdoors by yourself or in the hands of a professional we have taken a look at some of the best options in and around the area. DO IT YOURSELF Where to get your BBQ During the summer almost every supermarket has stacks of disposable barbecue trays which are fine for spur of the moment or park-based cooking. But for a longer lasting free standing barbecue then you will need to look online and either get one delivered or find the nearest supplier as the usual garden centres are not so easily found in central London. Where to get your produce Borough Market or a great local butcher is always preferred and they often have grilling packs of food ready made up with a mix of burgers kebabs and ribs. Tips for cooking Dont think about doing it indoors or even on your balcony it never ends well The small disposable BBQs can be tricky and not especially hot so dont overload them and do stand them on their foldout legs if they have them it helps the coal tray drop from the grill and prevents the meat tasting of petroleum. Marinade or not to marinade Personally I prefer a classic flavour of good quality meat and veg just well-seasoned with salt and pepper and let the coals add the rest of flavour. If you do go for some additional flavours remember that too much will drip into the coals and smoke like a joke. The BBQ will never go out of fashion as a social event SUMMEROF sizzle Your guide to grills by Joe Campbell THE RIVER SUMMER 2015 FOOD DRINK 11 hen the sun comes out we like to take our worlds outside from lunching on the grass in the local park or drinking out by the river in the evening. If you have ever tried cooking a barbecue when the rain starts you will know why it really is a summer sport - and barbecuing indoors is even less fun But when the sun is out and the sky is clear it really is a great time to stoke up those coals fire-up that barbie and get cooking. Grilled meats over smoking wood have a flavour that just cannot be achieved in the modern spatially-challenged kitchen. But there are some places you can go that will happily and expertly do it for you. Whatever your preference barbecued meats kebabs or burgers cooked outdoors by yourself or in the hands of a professional we have taken a look at some of the best options in and around the area. DO IT YOURSELF Where to get your BBQ During the summer almost every supermarket has stacks of disposable barbecue trays which are fine for spur of the moment or park-based cooking. But for a longer lasting free standing barbecue then you will need to look online and either get one delivered or find the nearest supplier as the usual garden centres are not so easily found in central London. Where to get your produce Borough Market or a great local butcher is always preferred and they often have grilling packs of food ready made up with a mix of burgers kebabs and ribs. Tips for cooking Dont think about doing it indoors or even on your balcony it never ends well The small disposable BBQs can be tricky and not especially hot so dont overload them and do stand them on their foldout legs if they have them it helps the coal tray drop from the grill and prevents the meat tasting of petroleum. Marinade or not to marinade Personally I prefer a classic flavour of good quality meat and veg just well-seasoned with salt and pepper and let the coals add the rest of flavour. If you do go for some additional flavours remember that too much will drip into the coals and smoke like a joke. The BBQ will never go out of fashion as a social event STEAKS How to cook your perfect steak on a grill or barbecue As with most cooking youll find that the more ingredients you use the more complicated it gets and can confuse the taste of good simple foods. Pay the right price for a cut of meat and remember to get a thick cut if you like anything more rare than well-done. If you are cooking it medium or under dont get one with too much fat as it wont have time to break down in the pan but that some slivers of fat or marbling throughout will cook and add flavour to the meat. Really there are only two ingredients you need when preparing your steak salt pepper but lots of it LOCAL STEAK HOUSES BBQ RESTAURANTS CONSTANCIA 52 Tanner Street SE1 3PH Independent Argentine steak house serving beautiful meat full bodied wine and delectable deserts in an intimate atmosphere. Typical price per head 45. GILLRAYS London Marriott County Hall SE1 7PB British steak restaurant serving 11 different cuts of 35- day aged Aberdeen Angus beef including the 1kg Bulls Head double rib steak. Typical price per head 70. BODEANS TOWER HILL 16 Byward Street EC3R 5BA American themed BBQ restaurant serving favourites such as burgers ribs steaks and their famous Burnt Ends. Typical price per head 40. BIG EASY CHELSEA 332-334 Kings Road SW3 5UR BBQ and lobster shack with delicious food and fun atmosphere. Regular live music captures the soul of southern USA. Typical price per head 45. PORKYS BANKSIDE 18 New Globe Walk SE1 9DR BBQ diner serving wholesome food and refreshing cocktails. For some added fun why not try out a game of Beer Pong or take on their Man vs. Ribs challenge Typical price per head 30. BARBECOA 20 New Change Passage EC4M 9AG Jamie Olivers cathedral to fire and food serves a range of fantastic flame grilled meats with a spectacular view of St. Pauls. Typical price per head 52. 12 THE RIVER SUMMER 2015 FOOD DRINK A HANDY GUIDE TO FAVOURITE CUTS OF STEAK Rib-Eye One of the most popular steaks the rib-eye comes from the cows rib section this tender and flavoursome cut is best cooked for slightly longer than other types medium-medium rare to allow the meat to absorb the infused fat. Due to the flavour and fat content it is best served with something light and fresh. Sirloin A leaner cut located between the rib and fillet the sirloin is better for the health-conscious as there is less fat marbling in the meat instead the fat can be trimmed off. The amount of flavour suffers slightly as a result so be slightly more adventurous with your accompaniments. Rump The rump is one of the best everyday cuts due to its relatively modest price and high quality. Being located on the cows backside means the rump is where a lot of the animals exercise happens although this can make the meat slightly tougher it gives it a much more intense flavour. Porterhouse T-bone The porterhouse and T-bone cuts are very similar in terms of appearance and taste and are the biggest and heaviest cuts you are likely to find. These cuts are in fact part sirloin part fillet so you are likely to find one side is rarer than the other when cooked. The attached bone ensures a great deal of flavour in the meat which is great for grilling. Fillet Chateaubriand Often regarded as the most pricey of all cuts the fillet and chateaubriand are the leanest types of steak available. Because of this they can dry out quickly if they are over-cooked and so are best served rare. Their reduced fat content also means they are aged for a shorter time and served best with a simple yet rich sauce. When cooked well a steak is a beautiful thing to eat AROUND THE WORLD IN EATY DAYS The Americas The US has plenty of regional differences in their BBQ. The Carolinas for example are said to specialise in pork whereas the West-Texas cowboy style will specialise in beef goat and mutton. Competitive BBQ cook-offs are commonplace in America and can be small local affairs or huge festivals. Jerk chicken and pork are popular BBQ styles in Jamaica the meat is dry-rubbed with a mixture of spices including the infamous Scotch Bonnet peppers. In Spanish speaking Caribbean countries a whole grilled pig or Lechon is a common delicacy. Brazil and especially Argentina are both renowned worldwide for the quality of their beef as well as their barbecue-style meat Churrasco. Asia Japans BBQ cuisine tends to contain more vegetables and seafood than their western counterparts with teriyaki and soy based sauces being the popular glaze. Marinated ribs or galbi are very popular in Korea and it is becoming more common to find Korean BBQ restaurants popping up around London. In China small pieces of meat on skewers or chuanr are popular street dishes. In tourist heavy areas chuanr can sometimes consist of insects or other exotic animals. As in the Latin-Caribbean Lechon is a staple in A South American grill or Asado in an open pit A classic Argentine grill THE RIVER SUMMER 2015 FOOD DRINK 13 the Phillipines the country was named in honour of King Phillip II of Spain after all. Europe European BBQ is very diverse thanks to the huge regional variety of the continent. In the north of Europe you will find that pork is the most common BBQ meat think German bratwurst and in Scandinavia you will also find barbecued venison. In the Mediterranean countries you will tend to find less pork and more chicken all cooked with olive oil of course. Grilled halloumi cheese originates from the Mediterranean too. Middle East The staple of the Arabic BBQ is the kebab mostly made from lamb but also from beef and chicken. You will also find that your grilled meats are served with pita breads hummus and tabbouleh. In places like Iran the meat will be accompanied by a delicious saffron rice. Africa Barbecuing or braai in Afrikaans is a hugely popular way of preparing food as well as a social custom in many parts of Africa. In fact 24 September is Braai Day in South Africa a day that celebrates the rich cultural heritage of the country over beautifully flame grilled meats. As well as beef chicken lamb and pork Rock Lobster is a common barbecued delicacy in the coastal areas of southern Africa. Oceania In the South Pacific Islands and Hawaii grilled meats are often accompanied by refreshing tropical fruits cooked on an Umu or earth oven. In New Zealand lamb is the most common grilled meat but there is also plenty of fresh fish crayfish and other seafood. The BBQ in Australia is a huge cultural pastime so much so that it is common in some city parks to have coin-operated public use barbecues. Barbecues are even enjoyed by some families on the beach on Christmas day with various poultry thrown on the flames. Putting shrimp on the barbie was actually not very popular when the phrase was first coined in 1984 but has become more so as US influences have reached Australia. Jerk chicken grilling at Notting Hill Grilled halloumi cheese THE RIVER SUMMER 2015 FOOD DRINK 15 The RIVER Tentazioni Loyalty Scheme 250 Points worth 17.50 by Owen Rice very business these days is innovating even if their products and service is already second-to-none but there are always some exceptionally forward-thinking businesses that enjoy finding new ways to engage with clients. Shad Thames Tentazioni has been providing exceptional Italian lunches and dinners since 1997 and their approach to the fine-dining experience of food service and setting has always been artistic and inventive. They have now introduced their privilege Club and have invited The RIVERs readers to sign up online at to get their card loaded instantly with 250 points worth 17.50. Diners can return for seconds and even thirds in the knowledge that every time they do they are adding points to their account that can be redeemed to eat and drink later for free. When the Tesco Clubcard replaced previous loyalty schemes in 1993 the retail market was changed forever as the benefits of offering customers accumulative rewards took high street shops by storm. Typical of Tentazioni they have taken the idea further by offering up to 15 pence of rewards for every pound spent at their restaurant - thats 15 off some very fine food which can only be good news to the people who live or work nearby Tempting Thats what Tentazioni is all about. The Privilege Card offers other extra treats like Prosecco on arrival too so if you do like the finer things in life and want a little encouragement to get out and appreciate them we can highly recommend you start here. How to sign up for the Tentazioni Privilege Club card 1. Go to 2. Click Club link 3. Enter details required 4. In the field Promo code enter RIVER 5. Click button SIGN UP The next time you visit Tentazioni the team there will give you your card loaded with your 250 free points. Enjoy TENTAZIONI 2 Mill Street London SE1 2BD t 020 7237 1100 e w Get 250 points 17.50 for FREE The Privilege Card The incredible food at Tentazioni heres no doubt that Sloane Square has undergone a revival in recent times. It is undoubtedly still the stomping ground of the Sloane Ranger but the look has notably changed. Gone are the jolly-hockey-sticks girls of the 1980s clad in Hermes headscarves pearls and a twinset. Their replacements are the ultra- chic types with perfectly tousled hair and a ubiquitous designer bag hanging on the crook of their arm which may or may not contain a bafflingly tiny dog. The men seem largely similar to their 1980s ancestors still rocking the navy-blazer-and-garishly-bright- corduroy-trouser combination that their fathers and presumably grandfathers wore. Say what you want about this sub-set of upper middle class British society but they sure have picked 16 THE RIVER SUMMER 2015 STYLE sloaney pony TO BE A Indulge yourself in Sloane Square Chelsea Londons most luxurious retail hubs by Jessica Cusack The Saatchi Gallery well worth a visit. Standing on the same Sloaney site since 1877 its difficult to find a brand which isnt stocked there although its more known for its homeware and electrical goods than its fashion. Indeed Chelsea as a whole is known for its amazing home-interior shops but if you need a new outfit for an event or just feel like splashing some cash there are plenty of sartorial establishments to satiate. The aforementioned Sloane Street is where to go if youre in the market for a show-stopping purchase straight off the catwalk. From Anya Hindmarch to Zadig Voltaire via Cartier Louis Vuitton Miu Miu et al Sloane Street is where Londons wealthy tourists and those with an eye for luxury come to play. For a slightly more subdued but nevertheless stylish experience the Kings Road is the better slice of Sloaney life. Ad Hoc 153 Kings Road is a quirky shop selling fun unique pieces a great place to find gifts for the young woman in your life. For small and up-and-coming designer brands head to The Shop at Bluebird 350 Kings Road and stop for lunch afterwards in its beautiful and highly commended a beautiful area of London to call their home. Forming the boundary between the luxury retail of Sloane Street and the more low-key high street shopping on the Kings Road Sloane Square is a one-stop-shop for all your consumer culinary and cultural needs. The area marks the border between the largest aristocratic estates in London the Grosvenor and the Cadogan and is named after Sir Hans Sloane the seventeenth century Royal physician who bequeathed his huge collection of art and natural history to the United Kingdom forming the foundations for the British Museum and the Natural History Museum. One could be forgiven for thinking that Sloane Square and its parameters was all champagne and Chihuahuas but Sir Hans story proves otherwise. Dont forget that Sloane Square also boasts some of the most beautiful Victorian architecture in London. For some retail therapy one could simply go to Peter Jones Sloane Square and emerge several hours later and several paycheques lighter but that would almost be too predictable. Peter Jones is however a veritable British institution and THE RIVER SUMMER 2015 STYLE 17 Sloane Street is where those with an eye for luxury come to play Poco Caf Italian specialities Ellis Street Sir Hans Sloane Cartier specialise in fine jewellery The Royal Court Theatre After all that excitement youre bound to be knackered but luckily the tube station is stumbling- distance away. Unless youre lucky enough to be made in Chelsea in which case you can saunter home all the while gloating about residing in one of Londons crown jewels. Lucky you. restaurant. Duke of York Square 19 Duke of York Sq. is another shopping dining destination playing host to chic high street stores such as Cos Joseph and Whistles as well as some delicious dining spots including the award-winning Polpo. Every Saturday theres a fine food market serving delicious artisan creations from local producers which you can nibble on before a leisurely wander around the Saatchi gallery to view some incredible contemporary art Duke of Yorks HQ. And as if the area didnt already have enough fashion credentials this year London Fashion Weekend the biannual luxury fashion event will be held at the Saatchi gallery from 24-27 September. For a perfect day round the Square spend the afternoon shopping on the Kings Road stopping for tea and cake at Poco Caf when you start to lag 83-95 Duke of York Sq.. When youre all retailed-out alight at Colbert 50-52 Sloane Square for an aperitif and a light French snack before heading to the Royal Court Theatre just next door to catch a show Sloane Square. The Royal Court is known for putting on gritty and daring productions and BAFTA award- winning writerdirector Debbie Tucker Greens Hang promises to live up to these expectations 11 June-18 July 2015. Anya Hindmarch fashion and accessories High-end French caf Colbert Chic French fashion at Zadig Voltaire Pret a porter collection and one off couture garments for every occasion A quintessentially British brand celebrating the female form with simple elegant cuts that accentuate the body 90 Bermondsey Street London SE1 3UB 020 7407 3024 A m a n d a T h o m p s o n c o u t u r e Pret a porter collection and one off couture garments for every occasion A quintessentially British brand celebrating the female form with simple elegant cuts that accentuate the body 90 Bermondsey Street London SE1 3UB 020 7407 3024 A m a n d a T h o m p s o n c o u t u r e THE RIVER SUMMER 2015 CULTURE 19 n the wake of the worlds most expensive piece of art Picassos Women of Algiers Version 0 being sold at Christies in May for a cool 115 million viewing and buying art seems out of reach for many of us mere mortals. But it doesnt have to be that way. All over London pop-up art galleries are well popping up breaking down the barriers between artist and viewer and making art more accessible for everyone. UGLY DUCK Ugly Duck take over vacant buildings in London and re-use them for creative purposes. Based in Bermondsey but with spaces across the city Ugly Duck formally known as 4749 after their Tanner Street location is a social enterprise which allows artists to create in a new context and reach out to previously untapped audiences. They firmly believe in art as a vehicle for social change through its unique ability to bring people from across the social spectrum together in one space. Ranging from The Factory with its exposed brickwork and multi-coloured rooms to The Testing Works a small museum filled with original Victorian engineering machinery its little wonder that the folk at Ugly Duck felt compelled to re-inhabit these incredible disused buildings. Some of their past and near future events and exploits include Butterfly Theatre presents As You Like It COMING SOON August 8th 9th Shakespeares As You Like It but as youve never seen it Set at a music festival the Forest of Arden. This is a promenade piece where the audience walk around following the action. The audience will be invited to sing dance play or just be witness to the hilarity of our very confused twenty somethings as they seek love. Butterfly inspire their audiences to open their ears eyes and hearts differently. To experience things they see smell touch taste and hear in new and unexpected ways. Butterfly perform in extraordinary Exploring the ultra-transitory world of art by Jessica Cusack PhotographscourtesyofUglyDuck 20 THE RIVER SUMMER 2015 CULTURE locations and respond to the entire venue whether its an underground cave crumbling castle historic forest or an original warehouse in London. Plastic Lunch April-June 2014 A pop-up arts project which aimed to draw attention to the vast quantities of plastic waste which pollute our oceans. This project took place on the rooftop of 4749 Tanner Street which overlooks the eastward bound train lines going in and out of London Bridge. City Hunt September 2014 The game was played by around 1000 people over the course of a week. The project was a part of Southwark Councils Blackfriars Stories programme celebrating life along the Blackfriars Mile a stretch of road which is currently underused and in need of a bit of creative revitalisation SOUTH EAST OPEN STUDIOS The notions of collaboration and accessibility which Ugly Duck hold so dear are also the founding principals of South East Open Studios. Based just outside of London SEOS allows members of the public to visit the studios of artists and craftspeople every June this years event runs from the 5th- 21st. The benefits are reciprocal for both the artist and the public. The public get the chance to actually meet and talk to artists whose work they admire or are interested in purchasing a luxury not afforded by many galleries in London in which the creators remain faceless. The artists all get the chance to really sell their pieces in their own words providing interesting backstories of inspiration which may seal the deal. A break from the solitary life of an artiste is no bad thing either. WHITECHAPEL GALLERY www.whitechapelgallery.orgfirst- thursdays Enjoying art as a collective seems to be a theme throughout these innovative art experiences and Whitechapel Gallerys First Thursdays contributes to this endeavour. On the first Thursday of every month over 150 galleries in London put on free exhibitions events and workshops during a special late opening. Participants can either follow the online map or join one of the free bus or walking tours on the day and gain a new insight into London through these lesser-known creative spaces. Upcoming highlights include a Modigliani exhibition which is on at the Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art until 28th June. What better way to spend a balmy summer evening than by discovering little known galleries housing incredible art or listening to a curator speak exclusively about the creative process of the exhibition in which you stand If you fancy making a holiday of it the Venice Art Crawl which holds events throughout the year in California serves a similar purpose to First Thursdays. Fundamentally its the impermanence of these pop- ups which make them so exciting. And their ephemeral nature cant be bad for business either encouraging potential buyers to snap up their wares before it all disappears and through the presence of the artists themselves which fosters more of a connection between the consumer and the artwork. More simply however these events just make for a great day or evening out. London in particular is caught in a pop-up craze. From cinemas to restaurants to beauty salons there is something so much more exciting about going somewhere which might not exist by the morning. One could argue that in this digital age where youre only as good as your last Instagram post its nice to go somewhere a little different. And variety is the spice of life. 22 THE RIVER SUMMER 2015 CULTURE What a swell party this is... by Owen Rice he opening of High Society was buzzing with excitement not only because of the society faces scattered around the auditorium but also because the Old Vic had created a fabulous retro atmosphere reminiscent of mid- twentieth century monied America. It was packed out with snappy whimsical dialogue great musical talent champagne cocktails and the easy sophistication of Cole Porters music and lyrics. As the spectators began filling the theatre the whole place twinkled with glitz and glamour and it beeped and booped with trumpets and trombones. There was a relaxed air of fun fabulous frivolous fun. Set in-the-round the audience and the stewards mixed with the performers who were dressed in tuxedos as waiting staff scooting about with silver trays of champagne. Sprinkled throughout the stalls were period aficionados themselves clad in brilliant blue suits and coiffed hair. A party was about to begin and the audience was invited prepared to be transported back sixty years or more to a place when thoughts of austerity and reality were a thousand miles and more than half a century away Picture summer days with Katherine Hepburn Cary Grant and James Stewart the lead actors in the 1940 film version of The Philadelphia Story or the first filmed High Society set in 1950s New York with Grace Kelly Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra. On stage as everyone began settling more into place Joe Stilgoe was tinkling the ivories and asking the audience for requests as though in the middle of a live performance at a club in Philadelphia. His inventive merge of soundtracks and old favourites was hilarious and hey presto... the show had begun without anyone realising High Society is a tale of modern families mixed loyalties second wives and husbands layers and levels of affection - strangely common and relevant now. Tracy Lord is a spoilt rich divorcee who is not entirely out of love with her ex but is about to get married to a social climber in a society wedding that promises to be the spectacle Rupert Young as CK Dexter Haven THE RIVER SUMMER 2015 CULTURE 23 HIGH SOCIETY From 30 April to 22 August The Old Vic The Cut London SE1 8NB t 0844 871 7628 Box Office w of the year. There are several unwelcome and unexpected guests and twists that lead to relationships unravelling all reaching a crescendo the night before the wedding in a feast of music dance and spontaneous party. Kate Fleetwood as Tracy Ellie Bamber as little Dinah Lord Rupert Young as C.K. Dexter and Jamie Parker as Mike Connor all make exceptional Old Vic debuts. Each delivering their own versions of favourites including True Love Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Youre Sensational and Well Did You Evah with super-sized panache. At the end naturally there was a standing ovation of appreciation and gratitude. In Kevin Spaceys first year as Artistic Director at the Old Vic he chose a revival of Philip Barrys The Philadelphia Story - the original non-musical version of the same tale and it was a splendid choice to come full circle this year fully rounded. Spaceys replacement at the Old Vic will be Matthew Warchus who previously directed Spacey and Jeff Goldblum at the Old Vic in the 2008 production of Speed-the-Plow. Warchus who has since directed shows such as Ghost and Matilda in the West End will take up the post in the autumn. Kate Fleetwood as Tracy Lord Ellie Bamber as Dinah Lord Jamie Parker as Mike Connor Joe Stilgoes jaunty tunes set the tone 24 THE RIVER SUMMER 2015 CULTURE A stunning celebration of South London talent by Owen Rice amberwell Arts are hosting their 21st annual festival in June an incredible achievement and a tribute to the strength of the creative movement in south London. FEAST promises to be an indulgence of fine art food and inspiration running from 20th to 28th June a week packed full of open studios public art commissions exhibitions and fringe performances all surrounded with international foodie delights. PUBLIC ART PICNIC BENCHES Nine local artists have designed picnic benches to adorn Camberwells parks and public spaces with colour imagination and something to sit on Painting by Mark Mclaughlin of Clockwork Studios ART COMMISSIONS Five artists have created new work specifically for FEAST including Tom Leighton whos photographs The A to Z of Sweets A Hansel and Gretel Trail through Camberwell explores nostalgia through a pop culture lens. Follow the clues on a sweetie trail and find your own favourite childhood treats. THE CAMBERWELL OPEN An open exhibition for local artists at all levels at the Camberwell Leisure Centre Artichoke Place from 5th to 28th June. OPEN STUDIOS A hundred local artists designers and galleries open their doors to share their craft including jewellery sculpture print and other media to the general public. Works will also be on sale too. MADEINCAMBERWELL ARTS FOOD MARKET 20 JUNE 2015 On Camberwell Green the craft-fair streetfood market and a regular Farmers Market all unite to feed the stomach the head and the heart on the same day. Lets hope the sun shines and the opening day is a feast - in every sense of the word. CAMBERWELL ARTS FESTIVAL 20th - 28th June Multiple sites including Camberwell Green and Camberwell Leisure Centre w Trombone Jerome from Brooklyn will be playing at the Communion Bar Comedy in the Sun Fringe event Mixed media by Paul Draper of Empress Mews NATIONAL THEATRE SOUTHBANK SE1 9PX 020 7452 3000 Everyman Until 30 August When Death comes calling Everyman is forced to abandon the life he has built and embark on a frantic search to recruit a friend to speak in his defence. But time is running out Rules for Living Until 8 July Everyone creates their own rules for living. But what happens when an extended family gathers in the kitchen for a traditional Christmas and they each follow those rules rigidly Light Shining in Buckinghamshire Until 22 June In the aftermath of a bloody and brutal civil war a corrupt political system threatens to plunge the country into darkness and despair The Beaux Stratagem 19 May 20 September Two charming dissolute young men have blown their fortunes in giddy London. Shamed and debt-ridden they flee to provincial Lichfield. Their Stratagem to marry for money The Red Lion 3 June 30 September A haunting and humorous new play about the dying romance of the great English game football and the tender savage love that powers it Chiwetel Ejiofor in Everyman 26 THE RIVER SUMMER 2015 CULTURE Stephen Mangan in Rules for Living Three Days in the Country 21 July 21 October A handsome new tutor brings reckless romantic desire to an eccentric household. Over three days one summer the young and the old will learn lessons in love GIELGUD THEATRE 35 SHAFTESBURY AVENUE W1D 6AR 0844 482 5130 The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Until 24 October This acclaimed production of Mark Haddons award-winning novel adapted by Simon Stephens and directed by Marianne Elliott has won 7 Olivier Awards including Best Play in 2013 SHAKESPEARES GLOBE 56 PARK STREET SE1 9AR 020 7261 9565 As You Like It 15 May 5 September A firm favourite of Shakespeares comedies one that is rich in romance and satire Measure for Measure 20 June 17 October Injustice hypocrisy and the challenge of inflexible virtue combine in Shakespeares most searching exploration of sexual politics and social justice King John 1 June 27 June The remotest in time of all Shakespeares English history plays with its cynical allegiances and ruthless politicking now feels his most abrasively modern THE OLD VIC 103 THE CUT SE1 8NB 020 7928 2651 High Society 30 April 22 August Cole Porters classic feel-good musical High Society comes to The Old Vic in a glittering new production staged in the round THE YOUNG VIC 66 THE CUT SE1 8LZ 020 7922 2922 The Trial 19 June 22 August Rory Kinnear stars in this classic timeless tale of ordinary terror by Franz Kafka The EY Exhibition Sonia Delaunay at the Tate Modern THE RIVER SUMMER 2015 CULTURE 27 A Number 4 July 8 August Bernard and his father both confront epic questions of identity intimacy and belonging. Played by real-life father and son John and Lex Shrapnel. MENIER CHOCOLATE FACTORY 53 SOUTHWARK STREET SE1 1RU 020 7378 1713 Communicating Doors Until 27 June A hired dominatrix flees for her life through a hotel communicating door only to find herself 20 years in the past. A comedy thriller by Olivier and Tony award winner Alan Ayckbourn UNICORN THEATRE 147 TOOLEY STREET SE1 2HZ 020 7645 0560 Ancient Mechanicals 29 June 4 July This hands-on exhibition that fuses science history and invention will delight inform and entertain in equal measure WHITE CUBE 144 152 BERMONDSEY STREET SE1 3TQ 020 7930 5373 Theaster Gates Freedom of Assembly 29 April 5 July Gates explores the theme of assembly in its widest sense enmeshing ideas of an autonomous art object with notions of individual freedom and the empowerment of place DESIGN MUSEUM 28 SHAD THAMES SE1 2YD 020 7403 6933 Life on Foot Camper at the Design Museum 13 May 1 November Embark on a creative journey into how traditional shoemaking has been shaped by contemporary design and new technologies Designs of the Year 2015 25 March 23 August The museums annual Designs of the Year awards are a great snapshot of creative innovation from across the world TATE MODERN BANKSIDE SE1 9TG 020 7887 8888 The EY Exhibition Sonia Delaunay 15 April 9 August Groundbreaking paintings textiles and clothes by Sonia Delaunay a key figure in the Parisian avant- garde and the European doyenne of abstract art Rory Kinnear in Kafkas The Trial Light Shining in Buckinghamshire The Beaux Stratagem at the National Theatre 28 THE RIVER SUMMER 2015 CULTURE 06 THE RIVER AUTUMN 2012 FOOD DRINK breakfast meetings and afternoon teas relax with evening cocktails 10 London Bridge Street London Bridge Quarter SE1 9SG 020 7855 2200 Just steps from The Shard Every story online Quarterly Spring Summer Autumn and Winter editions Delivered to homes and businesses in North Lambeth and Southwark Established in 2012 30000 website page views per month 30000 magazine readers per edition Advertise online Leaderboard banner advert at the top of 10 selected editorial pages from 51 per month Advertise in print Quarter page adverts from 212.50 each Half page adverts from 340 each Full page adverts from 552.50 each Be seen in the only local quality magazine For more information Freephone 0800 021 1484 LAMBETH SOUTHWARK RIVER THE THE RIVER SUMMER 2015 FOR THE SOUL 31 Go with the flow by Joe Campbell ts 2015 and by now we all know just how important regular exercise is for our physical and mental health. We are also starting to get a better idea of how to spend our time in the gym more effectively with the treadmill looking more and more lonely compared to the high intensity areas. If you are like me despite the rush of endorphins that come after a good session at the gym sometimes motivation can be a struggle. Heres my best albeit not so groundbreaking tip play sports Whilst working out regularly is a great way to stay in shape the benefits of playing regular sport can help even more. In fact research has even suggested that the intensity and range of movements involved in a game of 5-a-side football is better for your health than going for a run or lifting weights. The logic behind this is that the sustained stop-start nature of a game is fantastic for burning fat and building fitness and is itself a form of that high intensity interval training HIIT that youve been hearing so much about. It is not just physical benefits that we get from playing sport either current research suggests that we also get a significant mental boost too. According to some psychologists believe that the key to living a happy life is to get as much flow experience as possible. Flow is the term used to describe the optimal mental state that one experiences when fully immersed in a challenging task that empowered feeling you get when fully focused motivated and content with the activity you are doing. People who play sport regularly are shown to have a generally high level of flow when they are playing. Of course thats all well and good if you are young male who is into football but what about everyone else Well our capital has no shortage of options for all genders ages abilities and interests. Below is a selection of local sports centres and the facilities they offer the empowered feeling you get when fully focused motivated and content 32 THE RIVER SUMMER 2015 FOR THE SOUL FUSION LIFESTYLE Various locations Activities and sports for disabled people Activities and sports for the elderly GERALDINE MARY HARMSWORTH CENTRE St. Georges Road Elephant Castle 5-a-side pitches Floodlit courts Outdoor basketball courts SURREY DOCKS WATERSPORTS CENTRE Rope Street Rotherhithe Watersports activities and courses COLOMBO CENTRE Colombo Street Southwark colombo-centre Badminton Tennis courts plus tennis coaching Netball Basketball courts 5-a-side pitches leagues LSBU SPORTS CENTRE London Road Elephant Castle Sports hall gym Dance studio MILLENIUM ARENA Battersea Park Battersea Floodlit multipurpose all weather playing surfaces Running track Fitness centre with gym facilities POWERLEAGUE VAUXHALL Black Prince Road Vauxhall High quality 57-a-side pitches Corporate events function room Zorb Football a fun new form of football Of course these are not the only local places where one can work up a sweat but if you are looking for a place to train play and compete either as a group or as an individual why not pay a visit to one of the above centres for a full run down of the activities and courses they offer. Get active have fun and increase your flow Former England defender Tony Adams at the opening of Powerleague Vauxhall or many of us born before 1990 that remember the world turning well enough before the Internet the question has to be asked Why use a database Deep down though we know why we have all experienced the frustrations of working with Luddites people devoutly against technology and we have often been the ones driving demand for and delivery of new technology. Work is so much easier and time-saving when our client lists product information and sales histories are organised. With a database information is not just being stored in the memories of the top most valued people in a team but is backed up in a central place for everyone to share. They say knowledge is power and with a database this knowledge is back in the hands of the organisation safe and versatile. Customers increasingly want to be able to do as much on the Internet as possible on phones or desktops and a database can easily be plugged into online. A business that fails to offer these conveniences is likely to fall behind while organisations that provide more than their competition will find it easier to secure clients and attract a more forward-thinking team. BUSINESS know how Getting on top of your business with a database by George Swinton THE RIVER SUMMER 2015 BUSINESS 33 WHAT IS a database A collection of any stored data that can be accessed by approved users and software. Data can be uploaded to a server and retrieved from the database for a variety of uses. Business Software Business software is any application website or computer system the use of which assists in the running of a particular business. It can be central to the way the business is run such as an online retailer or a useful supplement to make certain tasks easier such as a stock management system. an App An app short for application is a type of software or program that is designed to run on the platform it is installed on and not through a browser. An app is designed to perform predetermined and coordinated functions. Cloud Computing Cloud computing is a system that allows applications and software to communicate and store data through a third-party-run server allowing users to save money on storage media and other maintenance related costs. BUSINESS TYPE MAIN FUNCTION EXTRA USES Restaurant Book tables Store customer preferences Store customer birthdays Export customer contacts for emailing or postal mail outs Create sales analysis reports Salon Book appointments Product ordering and management Estate Agent Book appointments Manage property information Travel Agent Book holiday packages Create supplier Purchase Orders and customer invoices Retailer Online sales Create Picking Lists Manage stock levels Manage deliverydistribution Recruitment Match CVs to Jobs Store Job and Company data Store Candidate and CV data Search mixedcomplex variables Export customer contacts for emailing or postal mail outs Create sales analysis reports Project Managers Managing tasks Store client data Store supplier data Create estimates of time and cost Add sub tasks for each contributor Store additional info files Export customer contacts for emailing or postal mail outs Create production analysis and sales analysis reports 34 THE RIVER SUMMER 2015 BUSINESS Local companies like Onclouds have been developing these kinds of tailored solutions to fit in with other existing software for years and offer a free consultation to discuss any application database or software system. According to Gabriel the Services Manager at Onclouds Bespoke solutions are the best option for businesses who know what they want can articulate it in simple terms and have realistic expectations. It will always work out cheaper in the long run and fit all the users better too. So if you are thinking it might be time to take your business processes online or if you have an idea for an App that could change the world there is someone local at hand to talk it over. For a free consultation and a coffee contact ONCLOUDS Bespoke Software and Database Development t 020 7403 8105 w OFF-THE-SHELF PACKAGES Every sector has a bunch of available software that can be boughtleased or used online. A quick search on Google will bring up a list of them for you to take a look at and even try. Pros Quick to get up and running Small set-up costs Pay as you go running costs typical 100 per monthper user Proven tested software with reduced bugserrors Good customer support Cons Lots of features you dont want are included in the costs Lots of features are in the way of the ones you actually want Some features you want arent included Little opportunity to modify or tailor it to fit the way you work Paying per user per month in the long term can be quite expensive for example 5 users 100 per month is 6000 per year 18000 after 3 years BESPOKE SOFTWARE A reasonable developerteam can sit with you and find what key processes you want to carry out and what data you want to manage. The best features in other industry software can be cherry-picked and only those developed to work the way you want. Pros Tailored features to fit how you and your customers really behave Designed for the skill levels and devices you want You ownpart own the software reduced ongoing costs Personal direct contact with your developers One-off fees so if you are still using it in 3 years you are likely to be saving money Cons Slower delivery probably 6 months of consultation development and testing Bigger up-front cost to cover planning and development fees for example Retailer database linked to a website from 5000 Restaurant or simple Booking System database from 5000 Recruitment database from 10000 Project Manager database from 10000 Development cost estimates provided by Onclouds Limited. A place steeped in history and industrial progress the yin to Chelseas yang by Joe Campbell THE RIVER SUMMER 2015 PROPERTY 35 The famous Battersea Power Station n the upper reaches of the London Borough of Wandsworth lies Battersea a town almost as decorated in landmarks as its more famous neighbour Westminster. Originally a part of Surrey the settlement of Badrics Island which later became Patrisey and then eventually Battersea radiated out from the towns nucleus St. Marys Church which is said to have been built originally by the Anglo Saxons in 800 AD. Before the industrial revolution much of St. Marys large parish was farmland that provided food for the City as well as more specialised products such as lavender which is where Lavender Hill gets its name and asparagus which were affectionately known as Battersea Bundles. The area slowly became more and more industrialised which peaked in 1939 with the completion of Wandsworths most famous landmark the Battersea Power Station. Work originally started on the first part of the station in 1929 and was completed and operational in the late 30s featuring only two of the famous chimneys. When the power station was first proposed protests from locals were vociferous with concerns that it would be an eyesore with foul emissions atop the list. To counter this Sir Giles Gilbert Scott was commissioned to design the buildings exterior a renowned architect who also designed the red telephone box. After its closure in 1975 the power station nearly became a theme park of all things but this project was halted due to a lack of funding. In February 2012 the station was put Battersea Reach from a 1910 print by Alfred Yockney Monty Don Joe Swift Sophie Raworth presenters of this years Chelsea Flower Show. c BBC Photographer Glenn Dearing 36 THE RIVER SUMMER 2015 PROPERTY up for sale on the open market for the first time in its history and was eventually purchased by a Malaysian consortium who intend to turn the site into a 40 acre shopping and leisure centre with residential areas. Given the sites Grade II listed status the iconic features of the station including the chimneys will remain and work on their restoration has already begun. Another of Batterseas most famous buildings is the Dogs Cats Home which was originally located in Holloway before it moved into the shade of the Power Station in 1871. On average the home cares for between 8-9000 cats and dogs every year with an average daily intake of 14 dogs and 8 cats so if you are thinking of getting a new furry friend be sure to pay them a visit If you want to see some of the most beautiful landscaping in Central London then head to Battersea park a 200 acre green space complete with a boating lake nature reserve and childrens zoo. Outside of the zoo the park plays host to a huge variety of flora and fauna and the well kept spaces are perfect for a summer picnic. The park also plays host to a spectacular fireworks show every November. Battersea Park is straddled by two of the three bridges connecting Battersea to Kensington and Chelsea Battersea Bridge Albert Bridge and Chelsea Bridge. The oldest of the three Albert Bridge which opened in 1873 is notable for the signs at each end which read All troops must break step when marching over this bridge the way the bridge had been constructed meant that the resonance of the footsteps of enough marching soldiers could cause damage to the structural integrity. On the other side of these bridges is the Chelsea embankment where youll find some of the most expensive and luxurious properties in England. Pimlico Sloane Square Belgravia Knightsbridge and Kensington are all within a walk or short bus ride from each other and are where the luckiest of Londoners live work and play. Apart from being awash with luxury properties this area of London is also home to plenty of things to see and do. If it is some retail therapy you are after you could visit Sloane Square and then saunter up Sloane Street to visit the world famous Harrods in Knightsbridge. If you want to take in some art and culture you could head to South Kensington and visit the Science Museum Natural History Museum or the Victoria Albert Museum. If you want to see another of Londons beautiful green spaces Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens sit nearby. A beautiful summer day out can be found on the north side of Chelsea Bridge in the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea. The Chelsea Flower Show has now been going for over 100 years and is the place to see the best of Englands floral mastery. Whilst the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show is now the largest in England the Chelsea Flower Show is still the most Battersea Parks Childrens Zoo The Millennium Arena sports facility in Battersea Park prestigious. Award categories at the show include Best Show Garden Best Artisan Garden and Best Fresh Garden amongst others. Unfortunately this years show has already ended but if natures beauty is what feeds your soul next years Chelsea Flower Show is not to be missed It is undoubted that one of the things we love most about London is how each area has its own personality and characteristics. The Southbank has its arts and culture Westminster has its sights to see but Battersea has a proud history of progress and a strong connection to Kensington and Chelsea the heart of luxury. Another local landmark Battersea Arts CentreThe Festival Garden fountains in Battersea Park all troops must break step when marching over this bridge Albert Bridge Sean Murray winner of the 2015 Great Chelsea Garden Challenge. c BBCPhotographer Richard Hanmer 38 THE RIVER SUMMER 2015 PROPERTY THE RIVER SUMMER 2015 PROPERTY 39 he Edwardian era is often remembered for the quality of its architecture and construction with a neo-baroque style that anglicised Europes personality. Aquinas Street which is tucked just in from the Thames southern bank and links both Coin Street and Duchy Street has a regimented character that is reminiscent of this periods aesthetic and structural qualities. In an excerpt of his book The Glory of the Edwardian Home Clive Aslet tells us House buyers are likely to be interested in the quality of building. This was the high-water mark of the building crafts. A higher quality of construction across the board was expected in the Edwardian era than at any other time before or since. Building regulations combined with social idealism ensured that the flats being built by the London County Council were and remain a model of their kind. On either side of the street are unified terraces of unaltered houses which make use of a timeless red brick and plain clay tiled exterior. The buildings on the North side numbers 22-38 are three storeys each with full height canted bay terracotta detailing and timber sash windows. Numbers 1-18 on the South side are two storey neo-Georgian terraces linked by a decorative archway. Original railings doors and sash windows give a consistent appearance whilst occasional pediments create rhythm and variety. The iron-gated archway separating Aquinas Street from Miller Walk is a strong interpretation of the art-nouveau style that encapsulates this area. AQUINAS STREET LONDON SE1 2 BEDROOM FLAT 950000 LEASEHOLD For enquiries contact WILLIAMS LYNCH 63 Bermondsey Street SE1 3XF t 020 7940 9940 e w SPOTLIGHT Properties 40 THE RIVER SUMMER 2015 PROPERTY Calling all London media people to Newspaper House by George Swinton ith views over the rooftops of south London from where you can listen to the sounds of the bustling city below Newspaper House is perfectly situated whether you work in the City Docklands or West End. Just off Blackfriars Bridge Road in Zone 1 it is equally handy for Waterloo or London Bridge stations and has several options of tube lines within easy walking distance too. Every apartment and duplex has at least one balcony or terrace so the mix of interior and exterior spaces are ample. What really sets these units apart however is the fusion of classic and modern finishes. Designer kitchens elegant bathrooms adaptable open-plan living spaces and peaceful bedrooms each play a part in creating a home that is sophisticated and totally fit for London life. Floor to ceiling windows allow for fabulous light and views and the range of integrated appliances in custom designed kitchens include base units by Leicht and washer dryers by Siemens. Throughout each home the flooring is exceptional too with engineered oak in the hallways living and kitchen areas and ceramic floor tiles to bathrooms while carpet THE RIVER SUMMER 2015 PROPERTY 41 For enquiries contact FIELD AND SONS RESIDENTIAL SALES Borough High Street SE1 t 020 7407 1375 e w is fitted in all bedrooms. An added luxury is the under-floor heating throughout. The developers Acorn Property Group have played a key role in the regeneration of Londons South Bank. In particular Acorn have been integral to the surge in popularity of the Bermondsey Street area where they have converted multiple vacant or redundant industrial buildings many of which were contaminated due to use as tanneries in the 19th century into a mixture of stunning new build mixed-use properties. The properties at Newspaper House are being marketed by Field Sons Londons oldest independent estate agents. make IT flexible Bespoke databases and software development Quality service high standard agile code and rapid development - at affordable prices For a free consultation call 020 7403 8105 or visit oncloudsOnclouds Limited is an Digital Solutions Agency serving the business community of south London since 2009. Monthly packages are available with any combination of our services listed and include a single set up fee plus monthly payments. You can change provider at any time as long as the balance for the 12 month period is paid in full. Onclouds Limited is a registered company in England and Wales 06748127. We also provide Websites SEO Social Media CRMs Warehouse and other business management systems