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here is a growing trend of localism over globalisation home made freshly picked hand crafted things are becoming more valuable to us than distant products from huge international brands. At Studio 6 Gabriels Wharf on the South Bank Anibal Torres has taken stocking an eclectic selection of crafted beers one step further. His passion for beers has started him home brewing and attending locally run courses with the intention of eventually creating his own signature drink. Mmmmm... sounds like a hobby with a great return In the coming editions Anibal will share some tips on how to get started but in the meantime you can always wander along to Studio 6 and try some of their great draft and bottled beers including these currently in stock Sharp Pilsner on draft A cornish beer very popular with UK drinkers who know that this part of the world is the true spiritual home of brewing. Pale straw flavours with herbal lemon aroma. Alhambra Especial on draft Poured from a beautiful towering Moorish beer pump this is a fabulously smooth crisp and refreshing beer with fruit and malty overtones. Canopy Sunray Pale Ale in bottles A seasonal ale with a changing recipe depending on hop availability. Its light and refreshing and perfect for summer days. Canopy Brockwell IPA in bottles Hoppy heady this Pale Ale is inspired by the great craft beers of the US using Cascade and Citra hops and British Maris Otter malts. HOME BREWING GETTING STARTED If you have got the beer bug and want to find out more Anibal has some tips for where you can start Good Books Designing Great Beers The Ultimate Guide to Brewing Classic Beer Styles by Ray Daniels - Formulas ingredients historical and modern day brewing practices. Courses London Beer Lab www. - Workshop for 1 to 3 people based in Brixton. London Fields Brewery www. - Home brewing classes for 1 to 4 people based in Hackney. STUDIO 6 Gabriels Wharf the Southbank 56 Upper Ground SE1 9PP t 020 7928 6243 w A CRAFTY beer The gift of home brewing Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime... by Owen Rice THE RIVER SPRING 2016 FOOD DRINK 13 One step towards making your own perfect pint at the London Beer Lab CANOPY Beer Fabulously branded beers brewed in Herne Hill