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26 THE RIVER SPRING 2016 CULTURE THE YOUNG VIC 66 THE CUT SE1 8LZ 020 7922 2922 If You Kiss Me Kiss Me 10 March to 16 April Jane Horrocks performs her own gritty and soulful versions of the new wave hits she grew up with. Featuring gorgeously evocative choreography by director Aletta Collins. Blue Orange 12 May to 18 June Race ethics sanity and prejudice collide in Joe Penhalls exquisitely sharp state of the nation classic. Matthew Xia directs this timely Olivier Award-winning play. THE ROYAL COURT THEATRE SLOANE SQUARE SW1W 8AS 020 7565 5000 X 30 March to 7 May Billions of miles from home the lone research base on Pluto has lost contact with Earth. Unable to leave or send for help the skeleton crew sit waiting. Cyprus Avenue 5 April to 7 May Eric Miller is a Belfast Loyalist. He believes his five-week old granddaughter is Gerry Adams. MENIER CHOCOLATE FACTORY 53 SOUTHWARK STREET SE1 1RU 020 7378 1713 The Truth 10 March to 7 May Two couples. Friendship suspicion deceit... and the truth. UNICORN THEATRE 147 TOOLEY STREET SE1 2HZ 020 7645 0560 Minotaur to 2 April No one ever returns form the labyrinth. This playful clever retelling of the well known Greek myth promises to be an action- packed treat ages 8 My Father Odysseus 13 March to 10 April A brand new reinvention of the timeless Greek myth by extraordinary playwright Timberlake Wertenbaker. Teacher resources CPD workshops available. For year 7 WHITE CUBE 144 152 BERMONDSEY STREET SE1 3TQ 020 7930 5373 Sergej Jensen Moneybags to 17 April An exhibition of new work by New York based artist Sergej Jensen. DESIGN MUSEUM 28 SHAD THAMES SE1 2YD 020 7403 6933 Cycle Revolution to 30 June Cycle Revolution celebrates the diversity of cycling in Britain from every day commuting to Olympic competition and looks at where innovation may take riders of the future TATE MODERN BANKSIDE SE1 9TG 020 7887 8888 Performing for the Camera to 12 June 2016 The Eyal Ofer Galleries Level 3 Examining the relationship between photography and performance from the invention of photography in the 19th century to the selfie culture of today. Bringing together over 500 images spanning 150 years the exhibition engages with the serious business of art and performance as well as the humour and improvisation of posing for the camera. Alexander Calder Performing Sculpture to 3 April This exhibition will reveal how motion performance and theatricality underpinned the artists practice. TATE BRITAIN MILLBANK SW1P 4RG BP Walk through British Art The BP Walk through British Art unlocks 500 years of art by allowing you to wander through a chronological display of Britains greatest artists. Excellences Perfections 2015 by Amalia Ulman Performing for the Camera at the Tate Modern Maquette for Figure on Steps by Henry Moore BP Walk through British Art at Tate Britain Carnation Lily Lily Rose by John Singer Sargent BP Walk through British Art at Tate Britain