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that the reality would be as the plans. Now the work is done and the facilities are fantastic. Ofsted are already impressed by the rapid progress the academy and students are making commenting in the most recent report on how confident and prepared the students are when they are heading to interviews. This small Sixth Form Ofsted says cares very deeply about all students and their personal needs which genuinely changes life their chances. Its no surprise then that Walworth Academy is in the top 22 in the country for value added A to B results meaning that when taking into account students GCSE performance they are making huge steps in their A and AS level results. But Walworth is not only making significant progress in the academic performance of their pupils but also in getting students ready for top universities. As well as A levels students are excelling in subjects like Engineering and IT apprenticeships. As part of the Professional Pathway co-ordinated through the Ark Group of schools Walworth have the resources and professional links to offer students fantastic work placements. Twelve students have been given the opportunity to attend an immersion study trip to Japan for ten days. The trip includes home stays visiting schools old people homes and factories. Another opportunity abroad is a chance for students to visit the USA joining up with a political party during this election year. Needless to say that the chance of securing these kinds of experiences keeps all of the students focussed and keen. Tracy Taylor added The Sixth Form philosophy is that we are what we repeatedly do not just once but over and over. As Aristotle said Excellence is habit not an act. It is clear that Walworths educational team practices what it preaches - and as a result the students are on a very successful path. WALWORTH ACADEMY Shorncliffe Road SE1 5UJ t 020 7450 9570 w Proud Sixth Formers and staff in the new Common Room THE RIVER SPRING 2016 EDUCATION 29 Head of 6th Form Tracy Taylor Personal study booths for every Sixth Former