CatCh up with your girlfriends or settle down on the sofa for some lunch while your little one is fast asleep, our lounge “at home”offers a place you can call your own. With the sitting room, TV area, library, dining room and (subject to the great British weather) patio, there is a space to suit everyone. Our pantry has a selection of cakes and pastries and we offer complimentary breakfast tea and filter coffee to everyone from 11am to 5pm. We have plenty of power sockets, including USB connections and super-fast fibre-optic Wi-Fi – making it easier to keep the kiddies entertained on your tablet while you catch up on the latest gossip! Bermondsey square hotel tower Bridge road se1 3un 020 7378 2450 lunCh is availaBle at Constancia from Thursday through to Sunday and though there are lighter, quicker working lunch options for diners needing to get back to work on weekdays, if you have more time it’s a perfect place to step out of the bustling world and enjoy a real leisurely feast. There are few better ways to relax during the day than with good company, a mouth-watering sizzle and scent of steaks being cooked on the open charcoal parrilla, and a large glass of red wine. If you are considering an indulgent middle-of-the-day social time with your partner, family or a good friend then look no further. ConstanCia 52 tanner street se1 3ph 020 7234 0676 | F O O D & D R I N K | | F O O D & D R I N K | by mark leonard The lonG lunch | F O O D & D R I N K |