THE RIVER MAGAZINE | Spring 2017 25 SHAKESPEARE’S GLOBE 56 PARK STREET SE1 9AR 020 7261 9565 The White Devil To 16 April 2017 By John Webster In the shadows of the court and the darkness of the human heart, greed and lust corrupt and breed murderous atrocity. Consumed by a violent passion for that which is forbidden to him, the Duke of Brachiano murders his wife in order to possess another woman, triggering a cycle of violence. Othello To 16 April 2017 Othello is incredibly talented and successful, but is subjected to racism, jealousy and suspicion. Only his love, Desdemona, treats him with respect and kindness. His best friend, Iago, watches Othello’s life flourish with unbearable jealousy and plots to undermine his love for Desdemona. Romeo and Juliet 22 April to 9 July By William Shakespeare In Verona, violence rules. Two families bear an ancient grudge, and rage flares between them. In a world where greed, wealth and bitter feuds prevail, two disenchanted children dare to choose love. Two households. Two children. One love. One fate. Daniel Kramer, Artistic Director of English National Opera, brings Shakespeare’s timeless ritual of love and death to the Globe stage in a vibrant, volatile production. His wild and energetic take on Romeo and Juliet explodes in a modern twist on Shakespeare’s classic story. Witness the grotesque glamourisation of violence, the silence of death. THE OLD VIC 103 THE CUT SE1 8NB 020 7928 2651 Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead 25 February to Saturday 29 Apr 2017 Half a century after its premiere on The Old Vic stage, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead, the play that made a young Tom Stoppard’s name overnight, returns to The Old Vic in its 50th anniversary celebratory production. Against the backdrop of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, this mind-bending situation comedy sees two hapless minor characters, Rosencrantz (Daniel Radcliffe) and Guildenstern (Joshua McGuire), take centre stage. The Missing Light 23 March to 4 April By Mark Arends The Missing Light is an enchanting family puppetry show for ages 7+ about hopes, dreams and true friendship created by Mark Arends for Make Mend and Do. When Warple moves into a small fishing village by the seaside, he discovers his neighbour, Hilda, looking out towards the horizon each night, searching for a glimpse of her long-lost husband. When loneliness, curiosity and a far-off flickering light brings them together, the two elderly friends embark on a surprising journey to reconcile their pasts and find what might lie within their futures. THE YOUNG VIC 66 THE CUT SE1 8LZ 020 7922 2922 Life of Galileo 6 May to 24 June By Bertolt Brecht An out of-this- world production of Brecht’s masterpiece on a stunning wrap-around set, directed by BAFTA winner Joe Wright. A Midsummer Night’s Dream To 1 April 2017 By William Shakespeare Dark fantasies and nightmarish visions unfold in this bold take on Shakespeare’s unparalleled tale of love, betrayal and desire. Director Joe Hill-Gibbins teams up with designer Johannes Schütz to dive into the subconscious of Shakespeare’s masterpiece and create a new production that heaves with the energy of a wild house party. MENIER CHOCOLATE FACTORY 53 SOUTHWARK STREET SE1 1RU 020 7378 1713 Love in Idleness 10 March to 29 April By Terence Rattigan, Directed by Trevor Nunn Returning from Canada after a four-year absence during the war, eighteen-year-old Michael is full of youthful ideology and leftist leanings. But he is shocked to find his widowed mother Olivia is now the mistress of cabinet minister Sir John Fletcher, enjoying a comfortable society life. When Michael and John clash, sparks fly and relationships are tested as everyone learns some difficult lessons in love. Life of Galileo By Bertolt Brecht at The Young Vic | C U L T U R E |