THE RIVER MAGAZINE | Spring 2017 13 | P R O P E R T Y | F orget excessive cardio and hugely restrictive dieting; the only way to do this is with proper weight training, since developing lean muscle is key to increasing your metabolism. Fear not, Arnie- sized back and biceps are not a requirement, we’re just talking a small increase in muscle mass that will also make you look healthy and toned. Your starting point is to learn the big‘compound’ movements that simultaneously use multiple muscles across multiple joints, namely: the squat, deadlift, pull-up, bent-over-row, overhead press and bench press. These exercises needn’t be the limit to your workouts but should be used as the foundation and can be combined to make a full- body session, working all the major muscles in your body and boosting your metabolism. This Spring, invest your time in upgrading your metabolism to help get your body in prime condition for the long-awaited Summer sun! by the fitting rooms gym | H E A L T H | THE FITTING ROOMS Saxon House, 48 Southwark Street London Bridge, SE1 1UN t: 020 7403 3473 e: w: Metabolic Race ORDER EXERCISE SETS REPS A1 SQUAT 3 12 A2 PULL UP 3 12 B1 DEADLIFT 3 12 B2 OVERHEAD PRESS 3 12 C1 BENCH PRESS 3 12 C2 BENT OVER ROW 3 12 Once you have nailed the technique for these lifts, build them into a superset workout (see example below) and repeat twice a week. Combine this workout with some cardio or HIIT style circuit training and achieve that fantastic toned look, all ready for summer! developing lean muscle is key to increasing metabolism