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Provide for the present and plan your future with Birkbeck University by Jessica Cusack


birkbeck, University of London, is a revolution in the city’s education system. Founded in 1823 specifically for working people, George Birkbeck enabled artisans and craftsmen to learn about science, art and economics at the London Mechanics’ Institute. Officially becoming part of the University of London in 1920, on condition that it should continue to provide flexible, evening teaching, Birkbeck has kept this ethos at its core.

Ranked among the top one percent of universities globally, Birkbeck is a world-class research and teaching institution and London’s only specialist provider of parttime, evening teaching. In a world which is still riding the wave of an economic recession, one of the consequences of which has been a rise in the cost of education, Birkbeck is the ideal solution for working professionals who want to increase their qualifications whilst continuing to support themselves and their family financially. Guy Collender, communications manager at the University, says ‘this remains our central mission, as is our commitment to being intellectually adventurous and socially radical.’

“Ranked among the top one percent of universities globally

This innovative approach to higher education does not just benefit the student whilst they are studying at Birkbeck. Employers value the hard work, commitment and diligence it takes to achieve such a prestigious award whilst working, and students have reported that the combination of work with study helps improve both their confidence and job performance, in addition to providing invaluable networking opportunities created by studying alongside other professionals. Following the latest research assessment, the University was noted for its outstanding performance in the sciences, in particular in Psychology, Earth Sciences and Biological Sciences, whilst it also maintained excellence in the arts and humanities, especially in History.

edu_9_13_3This autumn, Birkbeck students on three, four or six-year degree programs and Certificates will be eligible for a loan to cover their tuition if this is the first time they are studying at university and they are a UK/EU citizen, thus diversifying the student population and creating opportunities for those who might otherwise feel apprehensive about studying in London. As with most student loans, it is only made repayable four and a half years after it was taken out, and when the student is earning £21,000 or over.

Birkbeck truly is a university of our modern world, in which employment has become a site of fierce competition between already well-qualified individuals, and economic restraints create obstacles for most of the population. Birkbeck offers the opportunity to tackle both these issues, by increasing both ones educational credentials, and therefore ones earning potential, alongside full- or part-time employment.

Birkbeck , University of London
Malet Street
t: 020 7631 6000

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