The London Bridge Quarter

Rejuvenating one of London’s oldest areas by Jack de Aguilar

with the first phase of developments nearing completion, The London Bridge Quarter is set to be the fulcrum of the community. Given the location, this vibrant regeneration at the heart of London will resonate throughout the city.

London Bridge Quarter Rejuvenation

A huge part of the rejuvenation project is the landscaped piazza that will sit proudly in front of London Bridge Station, providing a relaxing atmosphere with generous seating and meticulously planned planting. This Shard Plaza is promising to be a fantastic new public space linking the two magnificent buildings: The Shard and The Place.

“Workers, decision makers and the public follow in the footsteps – quite literally – of one of history’s greatest civilisations

The design of this square chimes in with the increasingly continental behavior exhibited by Londoners. Riverboat trips, open-air cafes and European dining all add to the rich mix of culture that defines the area. The modern, cutting edge design reflects the forward thinking nature of this vibrant, innovative borough of the capital.

This state-of-the-art transformation is undoubtedly exciting, but it’s also important to remember the area’s significance to London’s history, as well as its bright future.

London Bridge Restaurant The Shard
The area of Southwark, being embedded so firmly within the tapestry of London, is a constant draw for history buffs. One of the city’s most historical areas, it was a major suburb of the ancient Roman settlement of Londinium. The London Bridge Hotel – a key landmark for the London Bridge Quarter – saw many important historical artefacts uncovered during the hotel’s renovations. This, rather excitingly, led to the entire site being excavated by the Museum of London.

Recognising and remembering this history only adds to anticipation of The London Bridge Quarter, as workers, decision makers and the public follow in the footsteps – quite literally – of one of history’s greatest civilisations.

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