THE NEW fitness model

Traditional training vs. sports psychology by Christian Thomson


the fitness industry runs on the expectation that 75% of people who sign up and pay for a gym membership won’t turn up. The traditional model involves filling a room with as many basic cardiovascular and fixed resistance machines as possible. There is a basic induction, and then gym users are left to their own devices, often leaving them unmotivated, uneducated and uninspired to use the gym, and therefore unable to sustain achievement or meet their goals.

However, a new gym model is taking over the industry, incorporating sports science and psychology, and using group classes and coaches to motivate gym goers and give them their desired result.

Christian Thomson, our Fitness Editor, is now opening a Kick Fitness gym in SE1’s Pocock Street, just off Great Suffolk Street. Based on his many years of personal experience in the world of fitness, Christian develops programmes which fit this new, more correct way of working which the wider industry is quickly catching up on.

Christian’s new space stands at 9,000 square feet, and includes a bespoke training ring, an adults’ playground frame, steel rigging, ropes, pulleys, monkey bars and punching bags. There will also be a full size boxing ring, a spin studio, a functional zone for kettle bell and TRX training, and a martial arts dojo area. The gym will incorporate a range of disciplines as well as classical physical training, and will also offer several areas in which to relax and recuperate; these will include a communal sauna, treatment rooms for beauty, holistic and sports therapy treatments, and even a cafe for that reviving postworkout smoothie.

The gym’s equipment itself mirrors that used by the top athletic or sporting clubs, premier league football clubs, the Rugby Union and MBA training centres. Kick Fitness’ machines have all been sponsored by Kaiser and Vivo Barefoot – two companies at the very forefront of sports science, who use the most innovative technologies to provide the best treadmills and cable fitness in the industry.

The Kick Fitness gym will have a modern, industrial style and will suit the busy city worker, with lockers offering enough space to hang up suits and to store briefcases and bags. Their changing rooms will also include luxurious waterfall showers and GHD hairdryers, straighteners and smart Dyson hand dryers, so that you can visit before work and leave feeling energised and looking refreshed.

The new club will be opening this autumn, for more details contact Kick Fitness by telephone 07946 319906 or visit to send Christian an email, and explore the range of options they offer.

t: 07946 319906

“a new gym model is now taking over the industry, incorporating new age sports science and psychology

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