A relentless drive for outstanding performance is behind the progress at Walworth Academy

over the last two years a transformation has been taking place at Walworth Academy, impacting every level. A bold demand for 100% consistency from each pupil and every teacher coupled with an unforgiving ‘No excuses’ approach to anything short of success, has put in place an impressive foundation for excellence.

The aim is to ensure that every young person in the academy is confident that university is a real possibility, either through ‘A’ Level achievements or BTEC qualifications. With this in mind, all new Year 7 children visit a university so they can see what is ahead of them – should they achieve their potential. Right from the start students are also introduced to a seven-year curriculum so they can see the big picture with clear milestones marked out en route.

Walworth Academy London Students School Bunsen Burner
The character of the children is something that is central to the new rigour introduced at Walworth; pupils are encouraged to support and look after each other, there is a zero-tolerance approach to any violence or aggression and a very active practice to teach children to manage difficulties by talking and listening.

With firm goals set and parameters for behaviour clearly drawn, a quality education can begin.

Rigour does not begin and end with pupils at Walworth. Head Teacher Yvonne Powell has a programme of reflective practice for all teachers too. Three times a term they can attend courses for improving techniques, sharing successful methods to bring back into the classroom as they learn. Filming classroom performances and subsequent reviews allows teachers to adapt and enhance the education they deliver throughout the year.

It is this kind of attention to detail that is establishing a high bar for behaviour, results and achievement, and is what is steering the school in the direction of an ‘outstanding’ Ofsted rating.

There is also a set of ‘family’ values at Walworth Academy – CARES – which stands for

C: Commitment
A: Aspiration
R: Resilience
E: Excellence
S: Self Management

These qualities are expected from everyone at the school, whatever age and role they have. Higher achievers are invited to take on additional challenges in the ‘Brilliant Club’ and already three students have recently won places at Russell Group Universities to study Medicine with one student on track for the University of St Andrews in Scotland.

Yvonne Powell Headteacher Walworth Academy London School
Head Teacher Yvonne Powell has come from Little Ilford School, where she achieved ‘Outstanding’ levels twice, and began leading Walworth Academy in January 2013, around which time she was awarded an OBE for her Services in Education. What Ms Powell is achieving here is a true community school that is engaging and serving the people around it, so be sure to visit on the Open Days and see it for yourself.

Shorncliffe Road
t: 020 7450 9570
w: www.walworthacademy.org

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