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The 'Health Tech & You' Awards hit the Design Museum this spring
PIP Biosensor Health Technology Design Museum London

The PIP Biosensor

technology and health is nothing new, but where it was once restricted to huge machines in big hospitals – the stuff only governments and private companies could afford, now health technology is in all of our pockets.

In our Autumn edition for example, we looked at, an online health monitoring system that allows users to track the trends in different aspects of their health on their computer, laptop or smartphone. As the country is becoming more aware of its health, new ways to look after ourselves are becoming commonplace.

Of course, as more and more new technologies are developed, knowing which new ideas are the best becomes that much more challenging! This is where the Health Tech & You awards come into play. Showcasing at the Design Museum until late April, the awards will let us glimpse the cream of the crop in new health technologies.

The awards are split into six categories, each with a shortlist of nominations.


Keep Me Healthy The first category focuses on the simple idea of keeping one’s self in top condition. Many of us already use apps on our phone to monitor how many calories we take in and how many steps we take. This is the kind of thing you’ll see in this category.

Manage My Condition – This category is the one to watch for those of us with long term health conditions, who will know the difficulties and challenges of managing their health beyond just eating healthily and staying fit. This category is dedicated to the new technologies that aim to help people like this get on with their life.

Signs & Symptoms – Knowing the signs and symptoms of various illnesses and conditions can give people peace of mind when they are worried or incentive to see the doctor when they otherwise might not. This category focuses on the new technologies that aim to provide the most clear understanding of particular health issues.

Most Innovative Provider – The Most Innovative Provider category will celebrate the most original new ideas in health technology. This category is for the standard bearers of our current health tech revolution.

Best R&D Product – This category is where we will see the near future of health tech – products that are not yet on the market but will soon be pushing the boundaries of our current technology. Each nominee is planned to hit the shelves in the next 12 months and will be supported by a working prototype.

Pregnancy, Birth, Early Years – The final category focuses specifically on the new technology that new and expectant parents can utilise to support their child’s health as early and as effectively as possible. The entrants in this category will all be showing how they aid new parents in the most important transition of their life.

AWARE Wristband App Health Technology Awards Design Museum London

AWARE wristband and app


Keep Me Healthy
Brush DJ – An NHS provided free app that motivates better toothbrushing.
Nuffield HealthScore – An online, mobile fitness and lifsetyle tool that allows users to monitor their health and wellbeing anytime, anywhere.
Sleepio – A digital sleep improvement programme that teaches cognitive and behavioural techniques to help people get a better night’s rest.
PIP Biosensor – Along with its accompanying apps, PIP measures Electro Dermal Activity in the fingertips – an indicator of emotional stress.

Manage My Condition
Pow Health – This health platform allows you to manage all your health in one place, created to make the most of today’s connected devices
iHealth Align – The world’s smallest, most portable mobile glucometer that plugs directly into any smartphone
AWARE – A wristband designed for people with bipolar disorder that can help users become aware of a possible relapse by monitoring their sleep
Aseptika – An intergrated suite of self-monitoring devices designed to help those with respiratory diseases manage their conditions

Signs & Symptoms
BRUISE – A wearable injury detection suit for athletes who suffer from a loss of sensation
Symptom Checker – A web based platform that enables patients to understand their condition better with evidence based insight and advice
Qardio Arm – A wireless blood pressure monitor that fits easily into daily life, helping more people to improve their heart health
Otoscope & Opthalmoscope – Devices for ear and eye examinations that store results securely in the cloud so that patients, doctors and clinicians can share

Most Innovative Provider
Babylon – The world’s first integrated digital healthcare service providing healthcare in more convenient and accessible ways
eRedbook – A Personal Child Health Record, providing parents and clinicians with the tools they need to effectively manage a child’s health from day one
Living It Up (LiU) – This digital self-management health ‘hub’ is developed by NHS 24 to support the healthcare and wellbeing of over 50s in Scotland
Optima-life – Interactive programmes explore health and performance and provide users with a Lifestyle Assessment using the Firstbeat Bodyguard monitor

Best R&D Product
Lightscores – This interactive training tool supports motoric coordination of visually impaired, blind or multiple handicapped children
Elvie – An exercise tracker that provides women with real-time guidance and feedback as they do their pelvic floor exercises
Flowy – Designed for people who suffer panic attacks, this game digitally delivers breathing retraining, the oldest known technique in reducing anxiety
Lumo – A small portable tool that enables blind people to read shapes, graphs, diagrams and colours directly from paper, a text book or a sketchbook

Pregnancy, Birth, Early Years
Baby Buddy – A free app that provides highly accessible information to help support mothers of all backgrounds in their transition to parenthood
Duo Fertility – A sensor worn on the skin that communicates with devices and helps women track their ovulation
Mind the Bump – A ‘Mindfulness Meditation App’ that aims to help support men and women in their emotional well being in preparation for becoming a new parent
BleepBleeps – A range of devices for design savvy parents (and parents-to-be) that sync to a smartphone app for tracking and guidance with their new-born

The Health Tech & You awards are at the design museum from 10th March – 26th April 2015. For more information, visit:

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