a vision of THE FUTURE

FutureFest takes place at Vinopolis on 14th & 15th March
FutureFest 2013 Seminar Exhibition London

One of the many fascinating seminars at the 2013 FutureFest

have you ever wondered what the world will be like in years to come? Though we can never be sure of the answer, we can get a pretty good idea, thanks to FutureFest. Hosted by Nesta, the UK’s innovation foundation, FutureFest will bring to life a world of creativity, technology and new ideas, and it’s right on our doorstep!

Taking place at London’s Vinopolis, over the weekend of 14th & 15th March, the festival will explore a number of different futuristic themes, including machines, the economy, democracy, music and even thrills of the future. Each will be presented in a number of different ways, including talks from famous speakers, demonstrations to the public, interactive exhibits and live performances.

There promises to be absolutely no shortage of things to see and do at FutureFest, and with more and more attractions being announced in the run up to the event, the likelihood of getting round it all in one day is slim indeed. One of the main highlights of the event will be a fascinating insight into the future of democracy with talks from the famous NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, future human rights researcher Jaakko Kuosmanen, author and columnist Owen Jones and a number of other leading thinkers.

For those with a strong interest in new technology, FutureFest promises plenty of things to see and do. Amir Taaki, founder of Bitcoin technology ‘Darkwallet’, and one of Forbes Magazine’s top entrepreneurs of 2014 will be giving his thoughts on how technology has changed the way we use money and how this has impacted security. FutureFest will also feature the world premiere of NEUROSIS – a virtual reality thrill ride developed by Thrill Laboratory and Middlesex University. NEUROSIS uses the rider’s own neurological feedback to transport, twist and twirl them through a psychedelic landscape.

A delicious taste of the future awaits those with a sweet-tooth. When thinking of food, nothing quite reaches the same level of imagination and wonder as sweets and confectionery do – this was the inspiration behind the ‘Sweetshop of the Future’, a workshop full of colour, innovation and experimentation. Sadly, though, the Oompa Loompas couldn’t make it.

Of course, it wouldn’t quite be ‘the future’ without plenty of robots. The automatons will take centre stage at FutureFest, with urban architects Minimaforms unveiling Emotive City, which will allow visitors to interact with their robots and learn how their behaviours can change the environment, as well as plenty of other talks and demonstrations on the subject of robotics.

FutureFest 2013 Seminar Exhibition London Paul Mason Speaker

Paul Mason at FutureFest 2013

FutureFest looks set to be a mind-blowing preview of years to come, so stop living in the past – grab a ticket and step into the world of tomorrow! DeLorean not required.

Day tickets from £50, weekend passes from £80. For more information visit:

w: www.futurefest.org
e: futurefest@nesta.org
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