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The RIVER & Tentazioni Loyalty Scheme: 250 Points (worth £17.50) by Owen Rice

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every business these days is innovating, even if their products and service is already second-to-none, but there are always some exceptionally forward-thinking businesses that enjoy finding new ways to engage with clients.

Shad Thames’ Tentazioni has been providing exceptional Italian lunches and dinners since 1997 and their approach to the ‘fine-dining’ experience of food, service and setting has always been artistic and inventive.

They have now introduced their privilege ‘Club’ and have invited The RIVER’s readers to sign up online at to get their card loaded instantly with 250 points (worth £17.50). Diners can return for seconds and even thirds in the knowledge that every time they do, they are adding points to their account that can be redeemed to eat and drink later for free.

When the Tesco Clubcard replaced previous loyalty schemes in 1993 the retail market was changed forever as the benefits of offering customers accumulative rewards took high street shops by storm. Typical of Tentazioni they have taken the idea further by offering up to 15 pence of rewards for every pound spent at their restaurant – that’s 15% off some very fine food, which can only be good news to the people who live or work nearby!

Tempting? That’s what Tentazioni is all about. The Privilege Card offers other extra treats like Prosecco on arrival too, so if you do like the finer things in life and want a little encouragement to get out and appreciate them, we can highly recommend you start here.

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How to sign up for the Tentazioni Privilege Club card:
1. Go to
2. Click ‘Club’ link
3. Enter details required
4. In the field Promo code enter ‘RIVER’
5. Click button ‘SIGN UP’

The next time you visit Tentazioni the team there will give you your card loaded with your 250 free points. Enjoy!

2 Mill Street
t: 020 7237 1100

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