THE ABC of Parties

Join the 'flaming youth' and throw a 1920s bash


mrs Dalloway, Virginia Woolf’s fictional character and highsociety hostess, saw parties as profound events, a ‘gift’ to her guests, which should have meaning for everyone.

“Every time she gave a party she had this feeling of being something not herself, and that every one was unreal in one way; much more real in another. It was, she thought, partly their clothes, partly being taken out of their ordinary ways, partly the background, it was possible to say things you couldn’t say anyhow else, things that needed an effort; possible to go much deeper

Ring out the old and bring in the new with a 1920’s style party of decadence and optimism, evoking the spirit of a period loved by all! We recommend starting your party planning by pouring yourself a Bellini (peach juice and champagne) and beginning to pen out your invitations….

• Pale pink and white, or cream with gold text in a Champagne font

Dress Code for Men
• Tux or black suit, white shirts, snappy patent shoes, bow ties, braces, and seriously flashy jewellery
• Top hats, fedoras, bowlers or trilby’ s with hair slicked back beneath

Dress Code for Women
• Lace, satin, or silk dresses either in long conservative cuts or fringed flapper-style
• To keep warm, velvet evening cloaks, long floaty shawls and long white gloves
• Long pearl necklaces, ornate brooches and fake diamonds and stones
• Feathered headdresses and flowers for your hair
• Pin hair up or braid into elaborate styles or wear short, flapper-style
• Make up with ivory loose powder, raspberry lipstick worn to accentuate the cupids bow and dark eyes
• Chanel No. 5 – essential!

• Art-deco and art-nouveau accessories, and Tiffany lamp copies
• Living spaces decorated silk and velvet pillows
• Ice sculptures – make your own! Moulds available on

• Chandeliers, vintage gas lamps (try eBay) and Chinese lanterns

Table decorations
• Try Bermondsey Square Antique Market for tableware, held on Friday mornings
• Centrepieces using ferns, flowers, silver ribbons and ostrich feathers
• Gold painted branches, faux jewels and candelabras
• Fancily folded napkins and decorative tablecloths (chenille throws are ideal)
• Gold-rimmed white plates, napkin rings and elaborate silverware
• Carnival glass punch bowls, cut glass designs and champagne coupes

• A lively combination of swing, hot jazz and The Charleston
• For inspiration look online for tracks such as the Royal Garden Blues, Hot Hot Hot Dance and West End Blues

• Waldorf salad, stuffed mushroom and devilled eggs
• Miniature sandwiches, salmon mousse and cheese souffles
• Caviar, oysters and asparagus wrapped in pancetta

• Baked Alaska, layered chocolate mousse cake and aspic deserts
• Salted caramels, assorted chocolates and florentine cookies

Pour 2 ounces of peach juice into a champagne glass, and slowly add 4oz champagne

The Bronx
Shake and serve:
2 oz gin
1/2 oz dry vermouth
1/2 oz sweet vermouth
1 oz fresh orange juice

Great Gatsbys and flamboyant Flappers should remember to throw themselves into the party before Prohibition hits!

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