Poets of LAMBETH

Selected poem: Web on the Wing Mirror by Victoria Gatehouse


this issue’s poem comes from Victoria Gatehouse, a student at the Poetry School. Vicky has an MA in poetry from Manchester Metropolitan University and has had poems published in various magazines and anthologies. She says of the Poetry School ‘Writing can be a solitary occupation and I’ve really appreciated the opportunity to share and discuss poems, and to give and receive constructive criticism in such an encouraging environment.’

The Poetry School, based in Lambeth, has a year round programme of courses and projects to teach adults to write poetry, and is open to absolute beginners as well as more practiced writers. Check out their programme at www.poetryschool.com
Here is a short, contemplative piece from Vicky – enjoy!

81 Lambeth Walk
Lambeth SE11 6DX
t: 020 7582 1679
w: www.poetryschool.com

Web on the Wing Mirror

The morning I drove to the hospital
hedges glimmered and a perfect web,

silver-beaded, spanned the wing-mirror,
a spider crouched tight on the edge.

I imagined her, grafting all night –
constructing the scaffolding,

strengthening, spinning, tying-off,
suspended like a climber on a rope,

all her energy in this creation,
something of her in every strand.

I could have destroyed her work
with a flick of the hand and yet

I drove so carefully that day –
slowing each time the wind

forced her silk to billow and bend
and she hung on in there,

on a line taut as hope, flickered
like a heat beat on a twelve-week scan.

by Victoria Gatehouse

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