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An appetite for the Classics at Byron

the Cut, stretching between Southwark tube station and the Waterloo Road, buzzes with the after-work crowd, spilling onto the pavements, criss-crossing the street, avoiding the taxis heading back and forth to Waterloo station.

A town centre in microcosm, complete with shops, pubs, theatre, transport and no shortage of places to eat, all tightly packed into a short walk. If you are a regular visitor to the Young and Old Vic or just find it a convenient place to catch up with friends before heading for the commute home, you will be aware of a new kid on the block, Byron.

Byron Hamburger London The Cut Beef

At first glance the thrown together yellow and red frontage gives the impression of a modest venture lacking a sense of strong branding or maybe even a pop up restaurant. Unadorned metal tables out front add to the sense that this place has grown organically with little pretension. Take a closer look…

The pitch at Byron’s is that they are not like the other burger bars ‘cheap, entertaining with
a general disregard for health’. Byron’s aim is to create an environment that is part cafe, part American diner but with quality service. Look online, you can see that this is an emerging chain of new age burger restaurants.

“A town centre in microcosm, all tightly packed into a short walk

They have spotted that there’s a huge appetite for burgers everywhere and that a lot of these hungry people have money, style, concern for their weight, health and well being and a perception that there is something un-cool about eating at one of the more famous burger restaurants.

Into this gap in the market steps Byron!

With quality sourced meat, cooked by chefs and served by chatty young people with a New York way of working, while they wait for a big break at a theatre. Byron’s mission statement is simply ‘Proper Hamburgers’! A classic dish of the twentieth century prepared a little pink at a good price.

Byron Exterior Burger Restaurant London The Cut

No wonder this place is busy every evening and has slotted into the mix of desirable places to eat on The Cut, as though it was one of the first to be there. And the Strawberry milkshake is to die for!

The Cut
t: 020 7633 9882

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