{WLTM} WOULD LIKE to meet…

Our resident romance writer gets close up to Internet dating from the male perspective by Liberty Hart

Internet Dating London SE1


How many times have I heard that?

There’s still a stigma attached to Internet dating and yet speaking to all my friends, everyone’s at it… for a whole load of different reasons. Whether it’s just for fun or from a genuine lack of time, people are logging on in their thousands; morning, noon and night. Last night at around tea time there were 27,973 men alone logged on to a popular dating site. It’s massive!


I ask a lot of guys why they are doing this and they say they’re not comfortable making the first move ‘in the real world’. I’m not so sure.. Sounds lame to me.

Men say they’d like a signal from women before they make a move, for fear of rejection. Which actually means that women need to be making the first move but they’re not comfortable with that either. And so no-one does.

And we all end up back online again, where there’s no romance. You know a digital wink is just not the same as a real life big smile!


I always thought internet dating was the way forward; a sensible solution to all your dating difficulties. Meeting up for a drink with a guy friend of mine we discussed the woes of dating. The more wine we consumed, the more we hit the nail on the head; if you see someone you like the look of, you should just say ‘Hey…’ (and that goes for you too ladies).

I opened my eyes and as soon as I did I saw the possibilities were endless. I didn’t need to rely on scouring the internet with an ever-expanding list of ‘must haves’.

What I was looking for was right in front of my eyes…. And may be in front of yours too.

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  • {WLTM} WOULD LIKE to meet... Our resident romance writer gets close up to Internet dating from the male perspective

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