Looking to learn something new? by Joe Campbell & Lauren Marriner

london is a thriving metropolis. There are museums, art galleries, libraries and theatres for us all to feed our soul with culture. But London is not just a place for us to passively learn; there are places all around the capital where one can broaden horizons.

When you hear the word ‘education’, most of us naturally picture schools, colleges and University, but there are far more routes and different types of education available these days. In fact, in Lambeth and Southwark alone there are plenty of choices, all you have to know is what you are passionate about and what your goal is.

As well as large educational establishments staffed by hundreds, there are also smaller, more intimate classrooms and courses designed for those wanting to learn something new in a low pressure environment.

Education is no longer just about the staple Maths, English and Science; with a range of adult short courses available, you can choose whatever takes your fancy. One example is Lambeth College, who supply adult and community learning. They offer diverse courses such as Wine Appreciation and Flower Arrangement, as well as the conventional Maths and English. Morley College can help those who missed their first opportunity to go to university: they offer a specialised course that grants access to higher education. They also offer courses such as Acting for Beginners and Body Massage, illustrating the variety on offer. Morley College is also an adult-only education environment, so it is much more about learning than it is about student parties. Even Southwark Council itself offers short courses for people looking to grow, including some more left-field courses such as Face Painting and Clay Modelling. The courses at Southwark Council are even free for those eligible to receive government support.

Graduates Throwing Hats Torrington Square Birkbeck University Adult Learning

“there are a huge number of locations where one can learn specialised skills

Lambeth Council also supply many courses for the local community at different venues around the city. Many of their courses are free and they have a wide range on offer, and they also offer career advice.

To help the citizens that may somewhat be struggling with the language, Lambeth Council also have an English Conversation Club, free of charge, that gives non-natives a chance to practise their English skills. Not only do they help foreign speakers, but they also offer Spanish and Italian lessons for free if you wish to broaden your linguistic knowledge. Lambeth Council also run Digi-Buddies, a volunteer-led peer-to-peer support network for those of the older generation, or those that just wish to learn more about getting online and surfing the web.

Both London Waterloo Academy and Lewisham-Southwark College hold English exams to aid the settlement of foreign nationals.

City Lit supply courses across Lambeth for people with specific learning difficulties. They also run courses purely for deaf people. These include classes on British Sign Language, Lip Reading, Photoshop and courses focused on Adobe Flash purely for the hearing-impaired. Not only that, but they also teach courses in the specialised subjects of Speech and Language Therapy and Stammering Therapy.

In Southwark, there are a huge number of locations where one can learn specialised skills or study a specific area of interest. For example, the Flux Jewellery School near the heart of Camberwell teaches classes in jewellery making for all levels. They also provide assistance to independent jewellers and allow use of their studio.

The Art Academy is an independent art school based in Mermaid Court on Borough high street. They offer a great deal to aspiring artists who want to hone their craft, such as 3-year diplomas in Fine Art, evening classes, short course, and part-time and weekend study. The skills they teach include everything from painting and sculpting, to glass-work and photography. They have an array of opportunities and are recommended for anyone interested in studying art.

For the more tech-orientated individual there is Academy Class. They have sites all over the UK, but their London headquarters are located on York Road (right next to Waterloo station). Their courses include 3D animation, Web Design, App Development and more.

If you are looking to make a career change, if you want to learn a new skill or just want to indulge in a passion, Lambeth and Southwark has a huge number of opportunities. After all, how many times do we say “I’d love to learn to do that”, well, there’s no stopping us!

St Saviour's St Olave's School Commemoration Service  Southwark Cathedral

St. Saviour’s & St. Olave’s School Profile

St. Saviour’s & St. Olave’s School can trace its history all the way back to the year 1562, when St. Saviour’s Grammar School was granted a charter by Queen Elizabeth I. St. Olave’s Grammar School was granted its own charter in 1571, and both were among several educational institutions supported and financed by volunteers and the people of Southwark. In 1899 the two schools were amalgamated, and in 1903 they opened their doors as St. Saviour’s & St. Olave’s Grammar School for Girls.

In our previous edition we reported on the ‘Inspiring Women’ event held at St. Saviour’s school, where a number of influential women from varying professions gave advice to the students on how to progress in their careers. It seems that this school always has a special event or two to report on; in January, the school hosted the second annual ‘God and the Big Bang’ conference, in which academics from top universities debated and demonstrated how scientific enquiry can complement religious faith.

St. Saviour’s & St. Olave’s is a school with a rich history and strong ties to the area of Southwark. It is a very successful inner city Church of England girls school that is fully inclusive of all races and faiths.

Diary Note: Thursday 12th March, St. Saviour’s & St. Olave’s School will be holding a special commemoration service at Southwark Cathedral, celebrating 112 years of teaching the young women of Southwark.

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