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The Lounge Hair Salon is a great place to discover the secrets of good hair-care by Jessica Cusack

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it is sometimes said that one of the closest relationships we form is with our hairdresser. This unique bond, which incorporates both business and pleasure, is where gossip and advice is exchanged in hushed tones when the roar of the hairdryer doesn’t mask the chatter. I have a feeling that the warm and friendly Onay, owner of The Lounge Hair Salon, has many close relationships like these.

The sheer range of clientèle at The Lounge Hair Salon speaks to its popularity and professionalism – they are rated 5 Stars in The Good Salon Guide. From city workers and locals, to people who don’t even live in London, the salon is immensely popular and it’s easy to see why. Onay and his team care a lot about the health of their client’s hair, as opposed to just the style. He emphasizes the need to look after hair with the correct shampoo, conditioner, products and treatments to ensure the colour and shape work for longer than your first wash after the salon.

To focus on the aesthetic side of hair for a moment, Onay tells me that, for winter, the tendency is to go for a “softer ombré look – more caramels and golds”, to avoid looking too brassy in the coming cold months. He also highlights the need to maintain certain standards of hair-care, given the frosty weather can leave us looking dry and damaged. The solutions? Moisture packs, masks and protein treatments – Onay recommends the Pureology and Redken ranges, which add both hydration and strength.

“for winter, the tendency is to go for a softer ombré look

Requests for copycat looks remain fixated on celebrities like Cheryl Cole and Nicole Scherzinger; not only for their colour but for their red carpet styles too, such as hair up, party do’s, all of which can be done in the salon. Despite the trend for long, brunette locks, the salon has also had a request or two for Miley Cyrus’ short and punky peroxide crop, while the men are still after the retro 1940s look complete with beard grooming, of course.

Lounge Hair Salon Jamaica Road London Bermondsey Stylists
Like most hairdressers, the salon has seen their fair share of disasters walk in through the door. These mainly come from DIY home colouring, using chemist or supermarket-bought products that go horribly wrong, causing the hair to become over processed and breakable. “Nine times out of ten we can fix it,” Onay tells me, “we’ll concentrate on improving the condition, strength and moisture of the hair before we undertake any services”. This involves doing a strand test on the client’s hair to demonstrate just how damaged it is – a step which is often enough to make them reconsider their desires for a full head of bleach. “Strand tests speak a thousand words,” Onay reveals.

Sometimes, a celebrity copycat colour is simply impossible: clients don’t realise that stars such as Rita Ora, Beyoncé and Rihanna rarely use their real hair, hence why they are able to change style so often. “It’s all an illusion – people come and say ‘she’s changed her hair so many times, why can’t I?’ but they don’t realise that they’ve got a stylist twenty-four-seven and they wear hair pieces and wigs!” Instead, Onay and his team focus on the idea that if you nourish and care for your hair, it will repay you.

200 Jamaica Road
Bermondsey SE16 4RT
t: 020 7237 2624

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