RELAX: Mediterranean Style

Southbank, the Summer and Studio 6 by Joe Campbell

Studio 6 Restaurant London Southbank

when us Brits think of the Summer, we think of that perfect sunny afternoon spent sat in a spacious Pub garden, with a cold glass of our favourite tipple and a homely meal that fills our heart as well as our belly.

As the hustle and bustle of the twenty-first century engulfs our life, and the space in central London becomes increasingly limited, that fantasy can get pushed further and further back. But what if there was a place where that ideal still stood firm? A place that welcomes you to take a seat and enjoy a deliciously relaxed lunch, and where the style and tastes are a world away from the chaos of the capital. More importantly, what if this place was on our doorstep? On the Southbank, in cosy Gabriel’s Wharf, Studio 6 is at the heart, serving fresh food, cold drinks and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

Studio 6 Restaurant London Southbank
The menu has a Mediterranean theme running through it with a great mix of Tapas dishes from Spanish Tortilla to Chicken Breast with Mashed Potatoes, or a grilled Halloumi salad. The dishes I enjoyed were perfectly cooked, packed with flavour and made with fabulously fresh ingredients, oils and herbs. It was just like being on holiday. The Chicken and Potatoes were particularly tasty and comforting. The Calamari, a real test of Spanish cooking, was soft and juicy, and the batter coating it was light and crunchy. I could have eaten a whole fishing boat full of it!

Everything is fresh, so once the days supply is gone, it’s off the menu!

“Studio 6 is at the heart, serving fresh food, cold drinks and a friendly atmosphere

Studio 6 is a place to come and relax, and what better way to do that than with your favourite drink? Studio 6’s secret weapon is its fantastic selection of beers. Anibal, the owner, explained that they are not tied to any brewer, which means they are free to pick what beers they serve to the customers. Anibal – a man who knows his beer – likes to choose local and imported varieties that he thinks his patrons will love, and he is always happy to let customers try each of them first so he can wean them off of the big name brands and get them enjoying something a little bit different, like the cool and crisp Hell’s Lager from a local brewer in Camden, or the satisfyingly smooth Palm Amber Ale.

Studio 6 Restaurant London Southbank
So, instead of just dreaming about that perfect sunny afternoon, take that ideal of a pub-garden nirvana, give it a Mediterranean twist and you’ve got Studio 6. Grab a seat, relax, let the team pour you a drink and cook up something fresh and fulfilling. When the sun is out you might as well be on holiday, but you don’t need a passport or a long journey to get here.

Studio 6
Gabriel’s Wharf
The Southbank
56 Upper Ground
t: 020 7928 6243

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