BOUTIQUE Luxury Apartments

Modernisation with soul by Grace McCloud

Boutique Luxury Apartments Williams Lynch London

on Pilgrimage Street, just off Long Lane, is a small complex of nine two-bed, two-bath apartments, named Atollo after the Latin word meaning to raise, lift up and elevate.

It’s clear from Williams Lynch’s sleek brochure that this isn’t just another run-of-the-mill development. These high-specification apartments all cover at least 800 square foot (with the largest being more than 1,100). And yet the diminutive size of the development itself makes it feel boutique, luxury and just that little bit exclusive.

Boutique Luxury Apartments Williams Lynch London
Amazingly, every one of the flats has at least two private terraces. The emphasis on light and space extends inside too. There are clever hidden storage systems, and floor-to-ceiling glass windows that flood the interiors with natural light. It’s clear everything has been designed with ergonomics in mind; the windows, for example, are fitted with top-end solar control glass, meaning the rooms don’t absorb too much heat. The open-plan kitchens are very ergonomically designed too, with stunning Siemens appliances and glossy Corian worktops.

“the perfect example of ‘less is more’

It’s rare these days to find modernism that isn’t lacking soul. Yet the people behind Atollo have managed just that. The apartments, with their idiosyncratic floorplans, each feel dynamic and individual.

Boutique Luxury Apartments Williams Lynch London
Raj Tanna, Sales Director at Williams Lynch, says this is exactly the appeal of Atollo. “These apartments are niche – they’re the perfect example of ‘less is more.’” Atollo provides a small community within a bigger and vibrant urban landscape. It offers respite from the madness of the city, but without the long commute; Borough station is a five-minute walk away, and London Bridge is not much further. Within minutes you can be at drooling over the freshest fare at Borough or Maltby Street Markets or wandering around Jay Jopling’s White Cube Gallery on Bermondsey Street – one of London’s hippest addresses.

Boutique Luxury Apartments Williams Lynch London
Indeed, Atollo is a prime example of the high-end property that’s springing up across the area as Southwark undergoes its own little cultural renaissance. Since the arrival of the Tate Modern in 2000, the Globe theatre’s regeneration project and the modernisation of the London Bridge area, Southwark’s had a bit of a facelift, shaking off its Victorian reputation as a dark and shady slum. Now, the streets are full of artisan foodies flocking to some of the best eateries around (the delectably wobbling custard tarts from St. John Bakery on Druid Street are particularly worth bearing in mind), and you never have far to walk when searching for a bustling pub on a Sunday afternoon. Unusually for a London ‘suburb’, Borough doesn’t empty out at night either. While the streets are ruled by media bigshots by day, at night they’re full of locals eating, drinking and making merry in this little pocket of city life.

It’s not easy to find new builds that offers such high standards, let alone in the heart of such a buzz. Williams Lynch say that property in SE1 is increasingly desirable, and it won’t be long before all the Atollo apartments have all been snapped up.

Williams Lynch
63 Bermondsey Street
t: 020 7940 9940

Boutique Luxury Apartments Williams Lynch London

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