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The thriving environment of Renaissance Works by Jack de Aguilar

starting a new business or moving an existing one can seem like a daunting prospect with so many logistical issues to work through. But over at Renaissance Works on Bermondsey Street, things are developing a little differently.

Combining a bright, inviting workspace with an affordable price-point, Renaissance make the geographical aspect of business just a side note with their workstation options. Forget Internet connection dates and water bills, it’s covered.

It’s a modern, vibrant way to conduct business, but unlike most modern and vibrant things, it’s cost effective. This dynamic, as displayed so expertly at 120/122 Bermondsey St – Renaissance Works’ home – is about efficiency of space, time and money. Things that all strong business ventures need to juggle successfully.

Renaissance Works Hotdesk Office Space
But it’s not just desk space on offer at Renaissance Works. Managing director Mark Randall and his team are cultivating a working environment for businesses to create symbiotic relationships.

This is a habitat conducive to networking and growth; nestled inside this petri dish of opportunity is Bracher Emden, a fashion accessories brand specialising in the art of the leather bag. After impressing at some of the biggest fashion events in the world, they’ve grown from a humble store in Covent Garden into a well-respected brand, and their immaculately crafted, bespoke bags can now be found in London’s Selfridges and Henri Bendel in New York amongst others; all the while cultivating a robust working relationship with Renaissance Works.

I sat down with Amy Thomas (Brand Manager) and Jess Miller (Press Officer) to discuss how working from Renaissance’s central location has helped develop the business.

“nestled inside this petri dish of opportunity is Bracher Emden, a fashion accessories brand specialising in the art of the leather bag

“We’re quite a small team,” explains Amy. “Richard Emden – the head designer – lives in Thailand where we have our own production facilities. He oversees and designs everything from over there as well.” With a base of operations working out of Thailand, but much of the key work done here in the capital, a flexible and economically sound workspace in central London was vital to Bracher Emden – which they’ve found with Renaissance Works. “We do events here as well,” explains Jess, who beams about the fact that she can collaborate with designers and invite press along to their Bermondsey headquarters.

Renaissance offer more than just a hot desking facility. “We want to get involved and be a part of the community,” explains Mo Martin, Client Services Director at Renaissance Works. ‘Hot desking’ implies a short-term space to work in, but Renaissance is about so much more than that, as their incubation of Bracher Emden shows.

True to their name, the guys on Bermondsey Street are providing a renaissance of values by supporting and believing in local business, and it works!

Renaissance Works
120-122 Bermondsey Street

t: 020 3617 3307

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