Winter 2015

Dear Readers

It’s Panto Season!

Summer? Autumn? Tsch! It’s behind you! Pantomime and Christmas theatre is here; complete with music, comedy, slapstick and fairy tales, as well as all of the local winter festivals and markets. Unfortunately there is so much to do in London this season we can barely fit it in one edition!

For those trying to resist falling down the rabbit-hole of excessive celebration, we have scouted a gym with a sociable atmosphere as well as muscle-busting weights, helping you to get ahead of that inevitable resolution.

Following our last spotlight on Rotherhithe, this season we shine our light on Borough, journeying through some of its history and familiar locations. To round it off, we have winter tales at Shakespeare’s Globe and a Borough High Street ghost story based on real events nearly 100 years ago.

We hope this all makes for a good seasonal read and all that remains to be said is ‘Have a wonderful Christmas!’

From all of us at The RIVER Magazine


A Webb


Angela Webb, Editor

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