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A taste of something different by Owen Rice

if you are looking for a night out that’s a bit different or are just bored filling your glass with the standard beers available in most pubs and bars, then just along the riverside by the OXO Tower in Gabriel’s Wharf is a little place called Studio 6 that will do more than whet your appetite.

With lots of outdoor covered seating as well as an informal space inside, it is perfect for a night sampling beers in between tapas-style plates of food. They provide an unpretentious atmosphere, a great mix of food styles and a huge range of beers, hand-picked for flavour and unique qualities. All you need do is grab a seat, make your own list and start working through it.

Bitter & Twisted and Old Engine Oil beer ale cider london studio 6 gabriels wharf

Bitter & Twisted and Old Engine Oil

Old Engine Oil (a black ale Porter) is nicely rounded with hints of toffee and dark chocolate and makes for a refreshing change to other stouts. Produced by Harviestoun, a Scottish brewing company in Clackmannanshire who produce a range of quality beers all wittily-named and delicately refined. Another gem of theirs available at Studio 6 is Bitter & Twisted, a golden ale, soft, malty-sweet, light and refreshing.

“Hearty food and drinks aren’t the only things that make Studio 6 the heart of Gabriel’s Wharf

Pace yourself though as the beers are very tempting and on an empty stomach you may find that within a few hours you have ploughed through more than your usual quota of alcohol. Fortunately the tapas are equally more-ish and help to keep the party sober enough and last longer.

In fact, it could be argued that their small plates are the perfect food to accompany the beer that they serve. Grab a few different dishes and you’ll find none are too heavy to make your stomach sore, but all are substantial enough to ensure you’re not going hungry. Take their Moroccan meatballs, for example: a beautifully fragrant spiced sauce with soft lamb meatballs. Along with this and a slice of flatbread the golden Bitter & Twisted becomes that much more vibrant, and makes the conversation taste better, too.

beer ale cider london studio 6 gabriels wharf

Anibal, expert beer discoverer

Brewdog Punk, a New Zealand IPA is a biscuity malt, strong on the nose, fruity and punchy to taste. Another favourite on draft is the fine and gentle flavoured Orchard Pig Reveller Cider from Somerset which has all of the necessary cider depth but is not too sweet like many ciders.

The final sample (this time round) is the Sussex pale malt Aurelio, coming from Two Fingers Brewing who donate all their profits to Prostate Cancer UK. Bronze, leafy and tart this is an artisan beer that has good taste and ethics all the way through it.

Hearty food and drinks aren’t the only things that make Studio 6 the heart of Gabriel’s Wharf.

Anibal, manager of Studio 6 (‘a taster rather than a drinker’ of beers) admits that he has even recently been enjoying home brewing and spends a lot of time at festivals seeking out interesting and unusual things to bring back to his bar. A budding ‘beer-sommelier’ he is sharing his adventures with his clients, and the Southbank is all the richer for it.

Gabriel’s Wharf
t: 020 7928 6243

beer ale cider london studio 6 gabriels wharf

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