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A long and late summer is always welcome and bodytonic clinic, with 4 clinics in London, has some great tips to stay prepared for the extra sun and exercise by James Gill


With the possibility of an Indian Summer, many of us will be continuing our summer of sport and exercise through September and even October. Its important to stay active and healthy, however it’s also important to stay injury-free and look after your body the way it deserves to be looked after.

Stay hydrated and use sun protection – As the hot weather is likely to continue keeping hydrated is key as dehydration can lead to cramping or pulled muscles. Using sun protection helps to avoid sun burn and training at appropriate times when temperatures reach 26 degrees and above will help to avoid heat stroke.

Warm-up and get prepared – Preparation before and after activity is essential regardless of what exercise and activity you are participating in. This may take form in stretching, yoga / pilates, or sport specific exercise routines. If you are unsure what you should be doing then an osteopath or sports massage therapist and even a personal trainer or class instructor / team coach will be able to advise.

Have the proper equipment – Having the proper equipment can really help, although some sports can be quite expensive. Having correct footwear can make all the difference and help to prevent foot, ankle and even low back injuries. Sports like cycling and golf can often require a lot of specialist equipment so it’s really key to make sure you are getting the right advice again to prevent injury.

Not all activity is sport related – Current NHS guidelines recommend 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week. This doesn’t have to be sport related. Walking and gardening are also activities undertaken by all ages. Gardening often requires a lot of lifting and digging, so be careful of your posture and lift items properly using your legs.

Get advice and treatment where needed – most professionals including therapists and equipment specialists often provide free advice. This will help to avoid future injuries, but also assess and treat current or old injures that you may have. Prevention is often the best cure so addressing injuries at the start will help you to continue your exercise and activity without any hiccups. We often see people in clinic who have left injuries and continued to play sport and this can complicate injuries and lead to a prolonged absence for sport and activity.

Get out there and enjoy yourself – Exercise and activity should be fun, so choose something to participate in that you enjoy. Group classes and team sports are also a great way of meeting people and there are often social events organised outside of the sporting activity. So enjoy the rest of the summer whilst you can!

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