Stay on track for Christmas

You worked hard in the gym all summer, why not keep that momentum up and see it through the winter? by The Fitting Rooms


Despite all our claims that we put on weight over the Christmas period because of all those tempting treats, often the biggest cause is simply the fact that we fell out of routine. In actual fact, you’d be surprised at how easily you could include some of those Christmas calories into your week and still get into great shape if you don’t let your training regime fully fade with the sunshine.

Take the time now to bed in some good habits and you should sail through the Christmas party season with both your fitness and your waist belt intact! Here are some ideas from us at The Fitting Rooms on how to make exercise habitual before it’s too late:

Be realistic with how often you are planning to train, ideally you should aim for 2 – 4 times a week.

Set the times you will train and add these training days into your diaries. Don’t be scared of scheduling your gym time in a work diary, most companies these days value the benefit of a fit and healthy workforce;

If other commitments come up on training days, re-arrange your session and schedule it into your diary there and then so it doesn’t get forgotten;

Write, or buy, yourself a training programme that’s periodised over time and fill in your weights whenever you train ;

Create a trigger on your workout days. If you’ve decided that you will train on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, create a trigger that you only do on these days, for example: at 16:30 on these days buy a banana ready to fuel your workout later;

Tell people that you are going to the gym on the days you have decided to train. This again commits the habit and gives a sense of authority to it;

Persuade a gym buddy to train with you. If you both make a commitment you will feel responsible for helping each other stick to the plan, plus it’s always more fun together!

As a little gift to help further your focus, here’s a gym workout designed by us here at The Fitting Rooms. Repeat this twice a week and add in one additional day of cardio such as running or spinning and you’re sure to stay in great shape this winter.

Order Exercise Sets Reps Rest
A1 Back Squat 3 10 45s
A2 Pull Up (wide grip) 3 10 45s
B1 Dips 3 10 45s
B2 Bent Over Row (overhand) 3 10 45s
C1 Romanian Deadlift 3 12 45s
C2 Overhead Press 3 12 45s
D1 Swiss Ball Crunch 2 20 30s
D2 Plate Twists 2 20 30s


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