Superhuman Potential

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Christian Thomson was British Kickboxing Champion from 2007 to 2011 and World Champion in 2011. Born, raised and trained in south London for over ten years he’s been helping others improve their fitness and mental attitude with personal training sessions, diet and life coaching.

His own impressive journey and the developments of many he has worked with, seasoned with life and professional challenges, has transformed a conventional PT programme into something far more holistic. Through a series of workshops held at Bermondsey Square Hotel, Chris Thomson is discussing the pursuit of physical excellence, optimised personal diets and mental/nervous system awareness. All of these, when wholly embraced, begin to unlock the full potential of each individual and achieve something truly great, the ‘superhuman’ self.

His first workshop in August was a huge success and will be followed up in November with another session based on ‘mastering the environment and becoming superhuman using light and temperature to supercharge your sleep and recovery’.

“Bring him your tired, aching body
and trust him to transform it

Shaun Alpine Crabtree, co-owner of The Table Cafe SE1

Chris explained how he developed this particular approach, “I use the experience I’ve gained from working with some of the world’s top minds in neurology, nutrition, psychology and physical movement to help make it an easier road for everyone to follow. I truly believe that inside everybody is a spark of greatness waiting to become the champion they deserve to be.”

His own personal journey has been tough. “There were many struggles and hard lessons needed to achieve my goal of becoming World Champion Kickboxer, but I know what it takes to succeed at a high level and what mistakes can be avoided along the way,” he admits.

In his next workshop Chris will be discussing how to Supercharge your Nutrition

  • Discover how to Supercharge your Nutrition
  • Unlock Vast Energy Levels
  • Super Charge your Sleep & Recover twice as Fast
  • Feel Great Every Morning
  • Gain control of your body at a Bio Chemical level
  • Supercharge your Drinking Water
  • Improve Immune Function
  • Improve Skin Health
  • Increase Vitamin D Absorption

If you are interested in attending, in unleashing your superhero, then contact Chris on the details below.

Chris Thomson – EQ Transformations
Saturday November 26th 2pm – 5.30pm
Bermondsey Square Hotel
Bermondsey Square

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