Aiming for Excellence

A local school for 11-18 year olds

Ark Walworth Academy is a local school for 11-18 year olds with an unshakeable belief in the immense potential of all pupils, focussing relentlessly on high aspirations and high achievement. At Ark Walworth Academy, every student has the opportunity to succeed.

The Academy’s ethos includes belief in the power of praise as well as high expectations for everyone in the academy. Staff are determined that every child, after a seven-year education, should have the skills and qualifications to go to university or to follow a career of their choice.

“students mature into confident young adults

Ofsted says: “The quality of care for students’ health and well-being is second to none.” On the atmosphere in the academy, Ofsted also commented, “Students behave well and all of them get on well together … students mature into confident young adults.”

Ark Walworth Academy supports pupils from before they start their career with us. Induction days for new year 7 pupils included a rocket building workshop, sponsored by the Institute of Physics, which helped establish tutor group relationships.
In 2015-16 100% of our Sixth Form students received a place at the University of their choice with 35% now attending Russell Group universities. As Ofsted further reported: “Subject specialists are delivering Sixth Form lessons and learning is always good and much outstanding… Sixth formers are happy to be at the academy, appreciating being in an environment where they are confident they will flourish”

This autumn Walworth Academy Open Days will be an opportunity for parents and students to see the Academy at work and get a real feel for the vibrant, exciting learning experiences. All visitors will have a tour of the Academy, see a range of lessons and meet key members of staff, including the Head of Year 7, and include a talk from our inspirational Principal Ms Yvonne Powell OBE.

Shorncliffe Road
t: 020 7450 9570

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