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Getting ahead of the competition


The competition between estate agents in an exciting property market like this one is always fierce – with finely-balanced fees and margins, agencies are always on the look out for a point of difference. Service and experience are key to establishing that much needed advantage. No-one appreciates this more than Sean McMahon, who was Sales Director at a prominent Borough agency for fifteen years, and now runs his own agency further along Borough High Street towards Elephant and Castle, McMahon and Partners.

In the quest to stand out from other agents this one has developed an approach that leaves the others standing in the dust behind. Total service is the answer. Almost round the clock availability; McMahon and Partners provide valuations seven days a week, opening their doors at 8am and closing in the evening at 7pm with a full complement of experienced, positive professionals handling every aspect of business. But they also have another couple of aces up their sleeve.

The speed machines: in addition to the usual company vehicles McMahon and Partners have a neat little Vespa GTS, a top of the range moped in their fleet, which allows them to be extra agile in the busy streets of Borough, Elephant and surrounds. This way the team can be sure to get to properties sooner than anyone else; cutting out waiting time for buyers and sellers alike. Happier, better-served buyers means better prices for sellers, so everyone is happy – except the competition!

To make sure sellers are also pleased up front McMahon and Partners have gone that extra distance too, and here comes the second ace…. if you call them out to value your property (in the SE1, SE11, SE17, SE16 post codes) and they don’t reach you within 30 minutes, they’ll give you 33% off their standard fees.

McMahon & Partners
89 Newington Causeway
London, SE1 6BN
t: 020 3866 0609

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