The Long Lunch

It's not just the Baby Boomers, now in their seventies, that are out to lunch every day, eating and drinking away everyone's inheritance. by Mark Leonard


There’s an increasing population of Yummy Mummies who regularly get out of the house to catch up with friends over a leisurely bite to eat.

There are also plenty of shift workers, freelancers and self-employed people that keep unconventional hours and prefer to meet and socialise during the day. Perhaps it’s the influence from Europe where a long lunch is followed by a lazy siesta and a nap to recover from the extra glass of wine that is gradually becoming fashionable in our work-pressed capital.

With phrases like ‘Is the sun over the yardarm?’ still being bandied around it’s clear to see that we are preoccupied about when it is acceptable to let down our guard during the day. According to some quick Wikipedia research the saying is an old Naval officer’s expression meaning ‘Is it time for a drink?’ Apparently the yardarm is the horizontal timber on a mast from which the square sails are hung. From deck, the sun would rise above the topmost yardarm between 11am and noon; it would be at this time that officers would take their first rum issue of the day, a practice continued even when back on shore.

We should embrace these old naval traditions and take a long guilt-free lunch more often.


The Dean Swift has established itself as a firm favourite with the local community with a 4.5/5 average score on Trip Advisor, helped largely by the supporting cast of great beer, fresh food and warm pub atmosphere.

Relaxation is key and the kitchen running from doors open until 9:30pm gives people the chance to relax and dine at their leisure, at a time that suits them. This relaxed feel extends to the new brunch menu which sees the pub open at 11am on Saturdays and the Sunday roast, accredited as one of the top 20 in London by the Evening Standard.

For more details follow @DeanSwiftSe1 on Twitter.
Dean Swift
10 Gainsford Street
Butler’s Wharf, SE1 2NE
020 7357 0748



Catch up with your girlfriends or settle down on the sofa for some lunch while your little one is fast asleep, our lounge “at home” offers a place you can call your own. With the sitting room, TV area, library, dining room and (subject to the great British weather) patio, there is a space to suit everyone.

Our pantry has a selection of cakes and pastries and we offer complimentary breakfast tea and filter coffee to everyone from 11am to 5pm. We have plenty of power sockets, including USB connections and super-fast fibre-optic Wi-Fi – making it easier to keep the kiddies entertained on your tablet while you catch up on the latest gossip!

Bermondsey Square Hotel
Tower Bridge Road, SE1 3UN
020 7378 2450


In a city as fast paced as London, it can be easy to get out of step with friends, loved ones and colleagues. That’s why Quarter Bar & Lounge’s new menu offers a wide selection of tasty dishes which are ideal for sharing to satisfy any occasion, whether you are a group of friends, shoppers needing to refuel or conducting a business meeting.

Located in the neighbourhood of The Shard in the revitalised London Bridge Quarter, Quarter Bar & Lounge is a stylish cocktail bar adjacent to London Bridge Hotel, featuring a contemporary, comprehensive menu with prices starting at just £6.00 – perfect for every social event.

Quarter Bar and Lounge
London Bridge Hotel
8-18 London Bridge Street, SE1 9SG
020 7855 2296


Lunch is available at Constancia from Thursday through to Sunday and though there are lighter, quicker working lunch options for diners needing to get back to work on weekdays, if you have more time it’s a perfect place to step out of the bustling world and enjoy a real leisurely feast.

There are few better ways to relax the during the day than with good company, a mouth-watering sizzle and scent of steaks being cooked on the open charcoal parrilla, and a large glass of red wine. If you are considering an indulgent bit of middle-of-the-day social time with your partner, family or a good friend then look no further.

52 Tanner Street
020 7234 0676

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