SE1 Dental Centre talk about preventative dentistry and their local practice
Dental Surgery Hygienist Dentist London Kennington

Hygienist Hannah Sachnowska and Dr. Monica Matseke

nowadays, more and more of us are looking to get fit, and our knowledge of how to keep our bodies in the best possible condition is getting ever more sophisticated. But there is one aspect of our health that we don’t think about as often: our dental hygiene.

When I visited SE1 Dental Centre, it was clear smiles were important to them; I was greeted, as were their patients, with big ones! I first spoke to Dr. Monica Matseke, the Principal Dentist and implantologist, who informed me that the practice had been there for a staggering 80 years, with one of her regular patients being a client for over 60 of those.

Whilst SE1 Dental do offer cosmetic treatment, their main goal is for their patients to not need it. Dr. Monica and her team are more focused on keeping their patients teeth and gums free of problems, which they achieve with the help of hygienist Hannah Sachnowska. Hannah, who works at the practice 5 days a week (a rarity in this industry), makes sure that any problems with her patients oral health are found and dealt with quickly and effectively. Although dental care starts at home, seeing a dental hygienist such as Hannah offers the best results – just as one might see a personal trainer to get fitter quicker.

So what’s the best way to start giving our teeth the care they need? Hannah tells me that the importance of flossing cannot be overstated. “We always say that brushing without flossing is like taking a shower without cleaning in between your toes! A lot of our patients seem to think that if they have bleeding gums then it is because they are brushing too hard, that’s not the case. The answer is simple: they are not flossing enough. Healthy gums don’t bleed.”

A sign on the wall of one of the practice rooms reads: ‘You don’t have to brush all your teeth, just the ones you want to keep’. It’s a simple message, but that’s what SE1 Dental are all about – no fuss, just simple, honest and effective service to their patients, with warm and friendly staff thrown in as extra.

52 Kennington Road
London SE1 7BL
t: 020 7928 5964

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