Dakota Jim And Whiskey Moon Face

at the Spit & Sawdust Saloon by Owen Rice


Dakota Jim plays the squeezebox with a jaunty, melancholic swing and his voice rasps a deep American drawl. It’s enough to transport you; not just away from the here and now, but quite specifically it puts you on small boat sailing far north up the Missouri River, a long time ago and a long way from home.

The songs and the performance are an experience, a journey. Beside Jim, the young girl Louisa, with long red hair plays the slap bass; sending vibrations of rhythm and melody into the air. The sound is delicious and rare.


Then Louisa sings, and the first time you hear her it’s hard not to think that you are listening to a voice that is quite perfect. As perfect and pure a voice as Billie Holiday, as unique and engaging a voice you will ever hear.

Even if you went ‘out west’ in America, you could be wandering beneath the stars for years, perhaps forever, before you found a sound as authentic as this.

Dakota Jim and Whiskey Moon Face and bands like these play at The Spit & Sawdust pub on Bartholomew Street, SE1, as part of the Superglad music sessions. Check out the website for listings of music nights and upcoming dates. The pub also packs over 20 Craft Beers plus a full compliment of Whiskeys and other liquor.

21 Bartholomew Street
w. www.spitandsawdust.pub

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