A Future with Choices

School life is not just about passing exams, it's about being prepared for life and a career

Kemi Alake, Abigail Olaniran and Fatoumata Traore with teacher Mr Carl Fazackerley at their awards ceremony.

Walworth Academy provides all of its students with the opportunity to go to a good university or follow the career of their choice. Walworth has led the way in reaching out to industry, making links and engaging in partnerships with a vast array of organisations in London.

From £4 to £600
Micro-Tyco is an initiative which aims to encourage micro-finance and entrepreneurial thinking across society. Teams from schools, universities or businesses have one month to turn £1 seed capital into as much money as possible. It encourages so many skills, including resourcefulness and team-working. Walworth put forward four teams of 6th Form students and collectively they managed to turn £4 into over £600 in a month.

They did this by a variety of projects such as setting up a tuck shop in school and starting a make-up business for members of the school, even branching out into a local retirement home. But it does not stop there – three hardworking students (shown here) have now been accepted on Deloitte’s prestigious ASPIRE work experience programme in the Summer. Onwards and upwards!

“students with a clear goal perform more highly at school

Aiming High
Walworth’s All-Through programme of work-readiness education starts with the academy reaching out to primary schools with the “Brilliant Club” initiative, encouraging children to aim high even before they come to the academy. The programme continues through the whole of a student’s time at the school. Walworth believes that students with a clear goal for their future take responsibility for their future and perform more highly at school.

And not only the students. Recently all Walworth staff spent an afternoon in local industries and companies. And the aim of this? To understand how better to help Walworth students prepare themselves for the world of work after school. Walworth is truly leading the way to “A Future with Choices”.

Mr Fazackerley (Head of Aspirations at Walworth Academy) is always open to develop further contacts with local businesses – why not give him call?

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