Nobody does it better

Buon Natale ("Happy Christmas") from the Italians

Luxurious Christmas Hamper: A luxurious Christmas hamper gift basket

Nobody does comfort food quite like the Italians. Perhaps it’s because of the complex relationship they enjoy with their families, their mothers and their seasonal ingredients. When it’s cold and dark, is there anything better to sit down in front of than lamb chops with green beans and spinach or a freshly made ravioli? On Long Lane, just round the corner from Bermondsey Street at Fine Foods Deli, you can eat all of these winter warmers in their snug little trattoria tucked away at the rear of the delicatessen.

If you are put off by the journey home afterwards then you can always opt for a hand-picked basket of goodies from the shelves at Fine Foods to take home and prepare indoors. Carmelo and his team will happily recommend a recipe for you, and supply all the exquisite details required. You might even decide to pick some favourites for your friends or family – could there be a more unique and welcome gift for Christmas?

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