A Healthy Philosophy

Using the natural environment to enhance rather than hinder peak physical fitness by Nick Frimley

Following his summer session at The Bermondsey Square Hotel, Christian Thomson hosted a second event in November, this time focussing on mastering one’s environment as a first step to maximising physical fitness.

In his talk, packed full of tips that are free and easy to implement, Chris shared observations on natural vs. artificial light and the impact on hormone production and organ function, and how temperature affects basic body processes. One of the most fascinating elements of his talk was the review of some of the strongest people in history, comparing what was known of their lifestyles to how we live today.

“after working with me, my clients go on to hit the bars with increased confidence

It seems that getting fit and healthy and reaching one’s optimal self is not just about time in the gym but also about what you know and how you use it when creating your own personal programme. It’s a philosophy, a way of life.

“After working with me, my clients go on to hit the bars with increased confidence, go sky-diving, get married, climb mountains and start to achieve goals they never thought possible,” explained Chris, who sets his own goals extraordinarily high too. World Kickboxing Champion in 2011 and five times British Kickboxing Champion he is no stranger to realising ambition.

If you are looking for a mentor to help you achieve your ambitions, then Chris might be just that person. Contact Chris through his website to find out about his next seminars or to book one to one sessions on the details below.

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