Shelagh Delaney’s A Taste of Honey

Aged just 19 Shelagh Delaney wrote her first play 'A Taste of Honey', set in her home town of Salford

It’s hard to believe that the young Delaney, disappointed in a play she saw in her local theatre, put pen to paper for the first time and crafted a piece that is influential and still topical today.

Often credited as the influence for Coronation Street and a number of Morrissey songs, A Taste of Honey has become a British classic and an icon of 1950s working class life. The story centres around the complicated relationships between a mother, her daughter and the men in their lives.

Bijan Sheibani directs Jodie Prenger as Helen in this taboo-breaking play, offering an explosive celebration of the vulnerabilities and strengths of the female spirit in a deprived and restless world.

Tour Dates
13-21 September, The Lowry, Salford
24-28 September, Kings Theatre, Edinburgh
1-5 October, Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury
7-12 October, Richmond Theatre
15-19 October, Grand Opera House, Belfast
22-26 October, Leicester Curve
28 October to 2 November, Theatre Royal, Bath
5-9 November, Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton
12-16 November, Norwich Theatre Royal

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