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Fitness Space Surrey Quays are celebrating an award-winning first year of business this Autumn, having opened in September 2018

Fitness Space Surrey Quays couldn’t be further from a ‘traditional gym’. Their light-filled, design-led environment and friendly ethos provide a ‘head-space and training-space’ for their members.

With technology at the crux of their coaching, their results-driven and community-focused approach is helping hundreds of people (many of them brand new to fitness) make progress every month towards the results they want. Set up by former international Long Jumper, Matt Burton, along with his team of industry-leading coaches, Fitness Space apply methods and technology usually found within elite sports to help educate and empower their members, ensuring accountability and amazing results.

DNA Testing is used at the start of a member’s journey to find out what genetic predispositions they have. This allows trainers to gain an insight into their clients’ recovery rate, carbohydrate sensitivity, saturated fat sensitivity and endurance vs. power profile.

“The DNA Testing ensures that we are bespoke in our programming and planning for every member from the very first session,” explained Matt Burton. “Humans have such varied genetic make-ups and the plan that works for one member is not guaranteed to work for another. Members love seeing their DNA Report and it helps them understand the action plan we have for them – it gives them more belief, and therefore adherence to their programme.”


The DNA Test is combined with a Body Composition analysis on the first day of their membership journey. The Body Composition analysis provides crucial data for their coaches, in order to help set attainable targets from day one. Body Weight, Muscle Mass, Body Fat %, Hydration Levels and Metabolic Age are just a few of the metrics that are broken down by the coach with new members. Body Composition Analyses are then done on a monthly basis to track progress and ensure the individualised plan is working.

The coaching team, recruited by Matt, have over 50 years of experience between them – they include one former and one current International athlete (Long Jump & Javelin respectively), one former elite 5km / 10km Runner and one former National League Rugby Player. They combine their knowledge of the industry with the Fitness Space App and state-of-the-art Technogym™ equipment to ensure that all clients know exactly what they are doing when they walk through the front door. By uploading a bespoke programme onto a member’s app, they never feel lost or unsure where to start or what to do – a fear that is so common in most commercial gyms.

“The app is a personal trainer’s dream

“The app is a personal trainer’s dream,” said Matt, “our clients are empowered to get their programme done when they are training by themselves and we can keep an eye on what they’ve done and how frequently they have trained. The combination of weekly one-to-one sessions alongside clients completing the sessions we’ve set them, guarantees consistency which in turn aids progression.”

All memberships include personal training and with their membership cap likely to reach quota in the new year, Fitness Space Surrey Quays has created a space that is never overrun and a community that promotes confidence within a gym setting. With more than 50% of their members having never used a gym before or having had a negative experience elsewhere, they pride themselves on empowering those that want to get results and guiding members step-by-step to where they want to be.

Quickfire Q & A
with Gym User James:

Q: How long have you been a member at Fitness Space?
A: I’ve been training here since they opened in Sep 2018. I’m a Forge Member which means I get one session of Personal Training each week included in my membership. Alongside the inclusive coaching session I see Matt another two times per week by purchasing extra personal training.

Q: What was your main motivation for going to the gym?
A: I have suffered with knee pain for most of my adult life and have been working with Matt to get stronger and more mobile, which in turn has helped me be pain free. Once I was pain free, the focus changed to getting in better physical shape through building lean muscle mass. It’s now a huge part of my routine – I never envisioned myself training regularly; squatting, deadlifting, doing pull-ups etc.

Q: Had you used a gym previously – if so what makes Fitness Space different?
A: I had never used a gym regularly prior to being a member here. I had seen numerous physios, personal trainers and specialists regarding my knee but none had stressed the importance of strength and conditioning alongside better mobility and stability in order to reduce help fix my knee.

Q: What do you like most about training at Fitness Space?
A: Although the trainers have come from elite sport & are clearly very experienced they are so friendly and welcoming. The vibe is very chilled out, other members are like minded and I always feel comfortable here, almost like a second home – haha!

Q: Would you recommend Fitness Space to your friends?
A: I always have and always will! I am always convincing people to get down their and check them out, although I don’t want too many people joining as I quite like how relaxed it can be 😉

Q: Can you sum up Fitness Space Surrey Quays in three words?
A: Friendly, State-of-the-art, Quality.


Unit 3, 3 Aurora Point
Marine Wharf
Plough Way
SE16 7FQ
t: 0203 972 0350

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