Strawberry VALE

An imaginary world is journeyed from Tanner Street by Rachel Lewis


the atmosphere of Ugly Duck on Tanner Street is somewhere between film-set, theatre, gallery and student union. Young creative talent regularly orchestrate projects with international artists that are exploring and expressing challenging social, political and identity conventions. The results are frequently impressive and always entertaining.

A recent event hosted at Ugly Duck, ‘Strawberry Vale’ (part of a series of productions by Ovalhouse FIRST BITES), will be shown again 30 June to 3 July at the Ovalhouse in Kennington. An animated journey accompanied by entrancing music and a delightful performance by Jessica Kathryn, this the creative work of 9 Grams of Moon.


DRAG kings
& other events
In July, two theatre festivals will take place and spill out to the Kirkaldy Testing Museum, an engineering museum on Southwark Street. Plays will include drag kings debating the gender pay gap in the arts; Hamletmachine, the German postmodernist take on the Shakespearean classic; friendship and memories in the era of social media; LGBT homelessness; and a surrealist dog show.

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