WEEKS and weeks of fun

Passports to educational success for the children at Southwark Free School
Pupils enjoying International Week

Pupils enjoying International Week

southwark Primary Free School is blossoming and with it so are the children. Opened in 2012 it’s already getting good Ofsted reports and in some areas the school is noted as outstanding. The excellent work continues and Southwark Primary is hosting a series of events to engage children and their families with activities at the school.

Environment Week
This annual event is geared to help children learn how to take care of the world in which they live. This year Key Stage 1 focuses on the ‘Three R’s’: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle while Key Stage 2 pupils explore effects of climate change. All children complete a recycling diary with their family and competitions are held for creating posters to place around the school.

Family/International Week
Each class has a chosen country to study, exploring family and school life there. Children have their own passports and spend a day visiting one another’s countries! There’s lots of fun and even some lessons in African drumming. The week culminates in a family lunch afternoon where parents bring in food from their own culture and share with the whole school.

Sports Week
A week of taster sessions for new sports and exercise activities including Yoga and tag rugby finishing with a Sports morning where the children compete against each other’s houses to win the cup! Medals are awarded to all for determination, persistence and active participation.

Ledbury Hall
Pencraig Way
SE15 1SH
t: 0207 635 4256
w: www.southwarkfreeschool.com

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