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Weekly Superglad nights at the Spit & Sawdust pub
It was the night of the full moon in May that I wandered down with a friend to the Spit and Sawdust pub at the beginning of Tower Bridge Road to sample the launch of ‘The Elephant Blues Club’. A whole host of interesting characters, band members and music-lovers plus a healthy collection of young professionals with a taste for these things, were gathering and chatting in the refreshingly simple bar. The place has a wall stacked full of unusual draught craft beers and, by the looks of the handsome pies on many a table, we did wonder why we hadn’t arrived earlier and eaten there for under a tenner – instead of the pricey, but enjoyable, pasta we’d had just a stone’s throw away.

The Superglad weekly music nights are already proving a success with the locals and are sure to build quite a following as word gets round. John Drain and Marco Farris were topping the bill with their Delta Blues set of guitar, vocals, harp and stomp box.

Danny (of The Glad pub fame) was busy lighting a chunky gothic candelabra – indicating that the session was about to begin, when Dan (the other host of these sessions) took the mic. The gently bustling crowd looked up from their meaty pies and fine beers as he announced, “Welcome to the Spit and Sawdust. Tonight’s entertainment starts with Gabriella Romana, brought to you by Superglad…”

Is it just me or are the blues are always best when the moon is full?

Check out the occasional Superglad Sunday Sessions at Union Theatre in the Union Yard Arches too. It’s free to get in and there is a bar!

21 Bartholomew Street
w. www.spitandsawdust.pub

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