GALLERY damien hirst

Engine rooms of art and 'Power Stations'


on Newport Street near Lambeth Bridge Damien Hirst recently opened the door to a collection of artworks including paintings by John Hoyland that are on show until 3

One of Britain’s greatest abstract painters Hoyland (1934-2011) was born in Sheffield and exhibited his first fully abstract paintings in 1960 with the influential Situation group just months after leaving the Royal Academy. ‘Power Stations’ presents 33 of Hoyland’s large-scale paintings, dating from 1964 to 1982 and are drawn from Hirst’s own collection, spanning a pivotal period in the artist’s career.

Art critic Mel Gooding identified 1964 as the moment Hoyland broke away from “playfully cerebral optical ambiguities”, and launched his “powerful assertion of the painting itself as a complex object”. On view in Newport Street’s lower galleries, the works characteristically feature abutting quasi-geometric shapes that float freely from the canvas edge. The upper galleries chart Hoyland’s subsequent experimentation with paint texture and opacity, freer forms, brush strokes and the palette knife.

John Hoyland (1971)

John Hoyland (1971)

The works will be displayed throughout all six of the gallery’s exhibition spaces which have taken three years to construct and involved the conversion of three listed Victorian properties. The buildings which were purpose-built in 1913 to be used as scenery painting studios for the booming local and West End theatre. Two new additional buildings have been constructed at either end of the existing three, creating a gallery that spans half the length of the street.

Future exhibitions at Newport Street will vary between solo and group shows and Pharmacy2, the restaurant, will open this year to cater for visitors during exhibition hours, as well as for evening diners once the gallery closes.

Gallery 6, Newport Street

Gallery 6, Newport Street

Newport Street
SE11 6AJ

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