Low Level Light Therapy

Photobiomodulation sounds like something out of a science fiction movie but in essence it is quiet simple by Christian Thomson

LLLT (Low Level Light Therapy), or to give it its technical name, ‘Photobiomodulation’ is a therapy technique that uses light to increase performance, energy and recovery. With over 3,500 peer reviewed studies showing its effectiveness at pain reduction, improving traumatic brain injury, wound healing, recovery from exercise, increased strength, endurance, faster fracture healing and even stem cell production it sounds almost too good to be true.

The way it works is simple: by increasing ATP (cellular energy) and decreasing free radicals. Recent tests revealed that radiation to bone marrow led to an increase in the creation and circulation of mesenchymal stem cells. This can reduce scaring by up to 70% in acute injuries (including heart attacks) and is a major contributor to restoring soft tissue or bone back to full strength.

Professional athletes and coaches like the Nike-sponsored athletics team and the Head Coach of the Oregon Project (coach to Mo Farah) are saying its their secret weapon. But this is not just reserved for science labs and pro athletes, there are benefits for everyone.

Photobiomodulation is based on red and infrared light (heat). One of the many reasons the sun makes us feel so good is that red and infrared is one of the strongest colours the sun emits. While we may not get so much of it in London, red light devices for use at home or by a trained therapist with access to a LED/laser suited for treatment purposes. Calibrating a device to the right power density for an effective dose can prove difficult.

And this isn’t just for sports people or the injured either – the numerous downstream effects on improving the immune system, general energy levels and even hormones is impressive. Photobiomodulation has also been shown to have significant effect on improving testosterone production through irradiation of the testes and improving thyroid function from irradiation of the throat.

To find out more visit my web site www.eqtransformations.co.uk and visit the services section of the website, I have even prepared an easy to read PDF for those that want to look at a few of the studies.

Chris Thomson, Mentor at Body Core & Mentor for the Body Transformation Academy

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