“Text Neck”, posture and sleep

A pain in the neck can strike at any time and when it does it's more than a nuisance – it can really hurt

One of the most common reasons why neck ache or pain develops is the spraining or tearing of tendons and ligaments in the neck. The most common and avoidable neck pains happen when these muscles and ligaments are overly strained, which often leads to headaches. Three frequent causes are

  • Incorrect posture – resulting from an unsupportive mattress or pillow, a badly positioned chair or computer monitor.
  • “Text neck” – an increasingly common problem for phone and tablet users. The simple fact is we’re spending more time looking down which is putting extra strain on our neck muscles.
  • Sleeping position – many people are completely oblivious to the fact that sleeping on your front means your neck is often twisted to the side in an uncomfortable position and can inadvertently lead to neck-ache.

The neck is home to a cluster of muscles and nerves which if strained or put under pressure, can cause significant pain in other areas of the body including the head, back and even the legs. The two most significant muscles in the neck are:

The Trapezius: This muscle, shaped like a kite, runs from the base of the skull across the shoulders and halfway down the back. It contributes to muscle movements such as head tilts and looking up or down, so if it’s strained in any way the chances are you’ll feel it!

Levator Scapulae: This muscle travels up and down the side of the neck, from the top of the cervical spine and down to the shoulder blade (scapula).

How Osteopathy Helps
A course of osteopathy, or more specialised cranial osteopathy, can help pinpoint the source of an ache or pain and relieve the tension or restriction with

  • Direct pressure and neurovascular stimulation of muscles
  • Improving blood supply to an area of tension
  • Treating the whole musculoskeletal system, for example the spine and the core stabilising muscles
  • Giving advice on further stretches and exercises to prevent any injury from recurring in the future

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