The Baltic JOURNEY

From 1780 until today, we take a look inside the changing space of 74 Blackfriars Road by Owen Rice

The building that houses the fabulous Baltic Restaurant on Blackfriars Bridge Road has come a long way.

Built in 1780 it was originally a foundry making church and religious artefacts with the workshop in the main barn area at the back and a showroom at the front. Clues to this original use can be seen over its grand wooden doors with caryatids (sculpted female figures). Eventually the building fell into misuse becoming a builders yard and finally a storage yard for old Citroen cars.

This deceptive restaurant, which is a little unassuming from the outside, opens up to be quite a tardis on the inside. The elegant bar decorated with warm amber stones is stocked with a huge selection of vodkas (more than 60 at my last count!) which can be ordered by the glass or carafe to be shared with friends.x
Baltic Restaurant Interior London

Beyond the bar, the space opens up into a huge light and airy restaurant tastefully designed and created by architect Seth Stein, who has retained as many of the original features while marrying them into a more contemporary environment. The 40 foot wooden trussed ceilings, skylights and clean lines, make dining at the Baltic a unique experience.

“The space opens up into a huge light and airy restaurant tastefully designed and created by Seth Stein

The menu has lots of European classics as well as favourite dishes from the Baltic region. These include dishes such as a fabulous Hunters Stew with a mix of great meat cuts and potato dumplings called Bigos. As one would expect there are also mouth-watering fish dishes and an impressive wine list too.

The Grade II listed building’s journey back to full glory began when Jan Woroniecki bought it in 1997 and spent the next four years navigating the turbulent seas of planning permission. Finally the whole site was totally renovated becoming the beautiful and refined space that it is today.

Baltic Bar / Restaurant
74 Blackfriars Road
t: 020 7928 1111

Baltic London Amber Decorations

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