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A bespoke approach to life by Jack de Aguilar

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nestled firmly in London’s most executive office suite – More London – is Katie James, the founder and director of Concierge London SE1. Hers is a business built on style, efficiency and quality. But perhaps the most impressive facet of Concierge London SE1, you wouldn’t expect at all.

Using her wide range of contacts, financial services acumen and undeniable charisma, Katie has built Concierge London SE1 on a ‘can do – will do’ principle. Their remit it fascinating. If you need to sell your car: Concierge London SE1 will make the arrangements. If you need your house and fridge re-stocked before you get back from a business trip: Concierge London SE1 will make the arrangements. Quite simply, Concierge London SE1 facilitates and empowers those with a busy lifestyle, and makes sure the trivial aspects of the day-to-day are taken care of with style and accuracy.

“You come and see me, explain what you need and I tell you how I can do it.

It’s a bespoke business, devoid of the tiresome ranking system and tiered membership. Each member will have a completely custom-made membership. When you become a member, you will benefit from the personalised brand of life management without limits. What’s more, the tasks are carried out with the upmost respect and dignity. Confidentially and discretion are the cornerstone of this tailor made service.

It’s not just the menial chores that can be handled with efficiency and grace; Concierge London SE1 can organise the more extravagant parts of your life. Tickets to the tennis, rugby, horse racing and polo can be organised with a minimum of fuss. Dinner reservations, private cars, or both are very much part of the service.

With 13 years of living in SE1, Katie is both knowledgeable about passionate about the area. This is why Concierge London SE1 is exclusive to the area in terms of clientele, but also in sourcing solutions for that clientele. “I’ve watched the regeneration [of SE1] and I’m interested in it,” she explains. “I do want to use local companies as much as I possibly can. I’m not going to the cheapest because it’s in another country; I’ll go to a local firm,” she adds, calling her penchant for home-grown an “important ethos”.
Concierge London white chair

The difference between Katie’s approach to lifestyle services, and, that of other companies for instance, is whom she’s working for. When you join her, Concierge London SE1 is devoted to providing the best service possible. No one clocks off at 6pm, no one puts limits on what you can ask. This is, in it’s truest form, a concierge service that goes above and beyond.

Concierge London SE1 represents a refreshing, personal way to do business. You simply have to talk Katie and explain what you need, and that one conversation or phone call could cut out the six you would have made.

Concierge London SE1
3 More London Riverside
t: 020 3151 8165
f: 020 3283 4001

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