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susie Stone, a lover of fashion and textiles is based in Bermondsey Street and has become the go to place to find a unique service offering bespoke designs.

Susie Stone launched the bridal range in 2011 which is completely bespoke and individual for each bride. Whether you want a fairy-tale dress or a classic style or something completely different, Susie Stone will work with you to create nothing short of your perfect wedding dress.
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“We believe that your wedding is a time to look your best without compromising your individual style

Completely tailored to each bride as well as bridesmaids, guests and the bride’s mother, Stone is an avid believer in finding styles to suit your shape and personality whatever the occasion.

Fabrics are sourced from traditional mills across the UK supplying the highest quality British materials, as well as iconic print designers such as Liberty Art Fabrics. The fabrics make each garment special and are a far cry from the mass produced styles on the high street.

When talking to Susie she is passionate about what she does and, most importantly, passionate about pleasing her customers. ‘I get to know all my brides and about their big day as it is crucial when designing their dress’

The designing part seems to be as much of a focus as getting to know her clientele, which is what makes Stone’s service so unique.

When asked about trends for bridal-wear this year, Susie has noticed certain trends emerging, but opts to focus more on shapes and styles rather then follow the latest fads. ‘Lace has been huge the last year, maybe due to Kate Middleton, but my customers love lace at the moment’
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As well as bridal-wear, Susie has her bespoke womenswear collection, which is an array of dresses in ten primary styles that you can have created in any fabric you choose and also tailored to suit you shape. As Stone states herself ‘Each piece in my womenswear range is timeless’

Timelessness is one of the key attributes that really sums up the bridal and womenswear collections. The designs are elegant and the bridal dresses are exquisite and unique.

For those getting married or attending a wedding this summer, who would like something special that has been lovingly created with the utmost care to wear on the big day, this bridal collection is definitely for you. For women seeking a capsule wardrobe that suits their body shape, with one off pieces to last season after season without following high street fads, Susie Stone’s original range is an investment you won’t regret.

Susie Stone
60 Bermondsey Street
t: 020 7403 6104

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