A WINTER Hideaway

The sanctuary of the Quarter Bar and Lounge by Owen Rice

at London Bridge station there are few places away from the traffic and there’s little chance to stand still amidst the madding crowd. Whilst all around there can be found the typical chaos of tourists and commuters alike. Step in from the cold unforgiving city that swirls noisily around you, to this calm, sophisticated interior that is the classic London Bridge Hotel. Take a few moments to find your table and settle down in your private space.

Outside the elements are punishing and people bustle and jostle around. inside, the lighting and furnishings are soft and comfortable, everyone seems to be more relaxed and at ease.

This is the sanctuary of the Quarter Bar and Lounge.
Quarter Bar London Bridge Hotel interior

Whatever your reason for being there; to meet with friends, to catch a moment of sanity after a busy day or before heading home or on business, once you are inside the hectic streets quickly fade away.

For us, we had just finished work and we were looking for a place to catch up and talk business out of the rain, before heading off in our different directions. We were instantly given a warm welcome and shown to a cosy private spot in the corner. Carlo, the head barman, appeared from behind the most beautifully polished and extensively stocked bar recommending a fine Rioja and a mixed platter of mini-burgers to warm us through.
London Bridge hotel Quarter Bar food drink

Another little extra touch was the presentation of the cork from our bottle so we could check the ‘nose’ and quality of wine for ourselves. This kind of service and environment is becoming very hard to find of late. It’s almost a ‘lost’ privilege to be treated to such a refined part of fine dining/drinking.

There were lots of other interesting little bar snacks and platters, from Japanese-style prawns, tapas and croquettes to handy food to pick at and share between groups.

“What a winter warmer!

Reading over the rest of the menu we were particularly impressed by the breakfast and lunchtime menus and by the end of our first experience of the Quarter Bar we were already planning our next visit… a meeting over afternoon tea!

After a few productive and luxurious hours our meeting was concluded. However I found myself reluctant to step back into the ‘real world’ outside. Carlo suggested a last treat: an Espresso Martini. A sharp, sweet pick-me-up served frosty cold with whipped vodka martini and a shot of espresso topped with cream, infused with vanilla pods. What a winter warmer!

All I wanted now was for my journey home to be just an elevator ride upstairs. Maybe next time.

Quarter Bar and Lounge
London Bridge Hotel
8-18 London Bridge Street
t: 020 7855 2200
w: www.londonbridgehotel.com

Quarter Bar London Bridge Hotel Carlo barman cocktail

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