TAPAS at Maltby Street

The magic of Spain from a Master Carver by Owen Rice

many months ago when wandering along Ropewalk, just off Maltby Street, I sampled some hams served up on wooden boards by two young men on a Saturday morning in an open archway.

Very Spanish, a presentation that was rustic to the extreme plus fabulous tastes all took me back momentarily to the places I enjoyed most in the back streets of the Spanish village I once lived in.
Tapas Maltby Street Cured Meat

How delighted I was when some time later I discovered this archway had been fitted out with a beautifully carved wooden bar, hams were hung from above and exquisite wines and cheese were being served by a truly authentic Spanish team.

“An atmosphere of the true simplicity and magic of Spain

At weekends when the streets of SE1 are quieter and even more village-like than usual, it is such a pleasure to head along Maltby Street and Ropewalk to discover the thriving busy marketplace full of fruit and veg sellers who I understand are the over-spill from the popular Borough Market at London Bridge. Pop up bars and eateries, as well as the  interior and reclamation suppliers Lassco, can easily keep you busy browsing into the early afternoon.

At Tozino, the weekend starts on a Thursday evening at 5pm and re-opens on Friday at the same time. Saturday is the main event here, opening at 9 in the morning through to late evening.

Chuse Valero, proprietor and master carver, also offers workshops in the art of carving jamon which is a great gift for any foodie who loves their hams. This big showman of hams has created an atmosphere of the true simplicity and magic of Spain. You could easily forget the London outside and believe that you have walked through a doorway into a Bodega in the heart of a remote Spanish village. Try any of the mixed plates of ham and cheese, sample the Spanish beers or Sherry and watch on as the very finest slithers of meat are cut almost translucent before your eyes.
Tozino Tapas Chef Chuse Valero

Maltby Street
w: www.tozino.com

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